Public Sex Stories: Secretly Having Sex on a Boat on the Lake

I’ve always loved some hot public sex stories. You should know how I am with my hot sex stories by now!  Just the thought of some public fun gets my juices flowing. Last weekend I went out with some friends on their boat. It was two couples, one of their guy friends from work and me that went out that weekend. The lone guy was pretty hot and we flirted quite a bit. The day was really fun but as the night got closer and the air cooled the sexy man did what he could to warm me up.

He was sitting next to me in the back of the boat. His one hand was around me holding me close while his other one rubbed up and down my bare leg. The two couples were at the front of the boat laughing and chatting as the host steered us through the water. The drinks were flowing and everyone was feeling really good. I was feeling even better as the guy continued rubbing my leg. It made me think of some of the public sex stories that have gotten me off before and just help to turn me on more.

His finger slid into my swim suit and he rubbed my wet pussy lips.

I quickly grabbed my towel and covered my lap so no one would know what was going on. Sliding his fingers into my suit he started fingering my wet pussy. It felt amazing and the more he did the more I wanted. He slid his fingers from my pussy and lifted me onto his lap. I pulled his cock from his swim trunks and let it slide between my legs as I sat down on his lap. Pulling my own suit to the side I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet slit coating it in my juices. Leaning forward, I pressed his cock into my tight hole and started to slowly work him into me.

About halfway in the boat bounced and I slammed down onto him taking the rest of his cock inside of me. He groaned into my ear as the rocking of the boat made my tight pussy feel even better on him. No one even noticed that we were fucking right there on the back bench seat of the boat. We continued rocking together until he felt me tighten around him. My orgasm hit me hard and my pussy contracted around his dick as my cum poured out of me. This sent him over the edge and before I knew it his dick was exploding inside of me. I could feel him pulsing inside of me as he shot stream after stream of hot jizz into my pussy.

Public sex stories get my panties soaked.

After we came down from our explosive orgasms we corrected our clothing and just in time. One of the couples walked back to where we were sitting and told us that we looked cute together. They went on about how we should get to know each other better because we would make a cute couple. HAHAHA If they only knew what we had been doing just moments before they came over!

With all of the naughty fun stories out there I’d love to hear more! Give me a call and let’s share some of our experiences together. You know they’ll get us all hot and bothered which makes for some of The Best Phone Sex ever!!