Public Sex Stories: Sometimes I look up and I can see people peeking over at us.

Public Sex Stories: Once I feel his cock getting hard and grinding on me there’s no going back. I’ve always had a very high sex drive and my pussy needs cock. So, when he’s whispering into my ear how badly he wants to fuck me. How he wants to feel every inch of his cock so deep inside me, I simply can’t say no. Sometimes he just lays behind me, as if we were cuddling, and slips it in.

He fucks me nice and slow. But my favorite way to make myself cum all over him to quietly and discreetly right there in front of everyone at the park is to get on top of him. His cock goes so deep inside me when I sit my tight pussy on him. That is one of the Best Sex Positions. I squeeze and contracting on his hard dick. My clit starts to swell from grinding my hips back and forth on top of him. Sometimes I look up and I can see people peeking over at us. Thinking we’re just a new couple that’s lost in the passion of new romance. They simply think we’re having a super hot make-out session. Little do they know his cock is inside me and I’m tightening my pussy on him.
There’s something so sexy and sensual about fucking in public. Both of us in the heat of the moment, unable to control the burning temptation deep inside us. To give in to the urge. Neither of us is very good at self-control. I’m pretty sure I’m willing to let him fuck me whenever and wherever he wanted. I’ve always been very open with sex and I want someone to explore this naughty desire I have to get fucked in public. I can’t wait to see all the weird and crazy places we will have sex.