Ready for more wet and wild public sex stories.  This past weekend,  My girlfriends and I were having a fundraiser car wash. We were determined to raise enough money to help my friend with her dad’s surgery. The car wash ended up being a total success, men and women were lining up to get their cars washed. We managed to raise over $1500.00 after just a few hours. After the car wash, everyone dispersed.

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I said goodbye to everyone and got in my car. Thinking everyone had left, I decided to change my clothes in the back of the car, stripping down to my panties. From my peripheral vision, I notice man approaching the car. Letting out a simple hello and tapping on the window was enough to startle me. I quickly grabbed my tank top and rolled down the window. He was nice looking and smelled delicious. He said he was coming for the car wash. Immediately scenes of public sex stories crowded my mind.

politely I explained that he had just missed the car wash. However, for a donation, I would be willing give him the wash and wax he needed. The handsome gentleman peeled off 25 crisp $100 dollar bills and said he accepted. I took the money and began to wet his car making sure to wet my tank top too. My brown nipples stood at attention showing their beautiful color against the soaked white cotton fabric. At that point,  I could see the front of his shorts were already stretched to the max and I wanted that dick.

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I dropped the hose and pushed myself on him. We began to passionately kiss as we undressed between our cars. Pulling the wet fabric over my tits, he feasted on my hard nipples. Next, I shoved every last inch of his rock hard dick into my wet ebony pussy. I moaned and rode that fat dick deep inside of me. I could barely hold back how much I was loving every second of it.

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