I know you love hearing my dirty sex stories. This naughty little age play tale takes place at a party after graduation. It was the biggest party of the entire year. Everybody was so hyped to be out of school and excited to party together as grads. We were getting so fucked that night, all the rules and inhibitions had been thrown out the window. The weed was being passed, the drinks were flowing and we were just having the time of our lives.

Let the dirty sex stories began

The girl who was throwing this sick ass party was a good friend of mine. Her dad was cool as fuck too. He allowed her to have this wicked ass party and even supplied the booze and weed. Because I was watching him patrol the party, suggesting songs to the DJ that made us girls shake our asses, so he could watch. Therefore, I knew what he was doing and it turned me on. I wanted to see if his dirty sex stories included an ebony school girl phone slut like me.

I’m smiling from ear to ear when I noticed his eyes were glued to me dancing and twerking this ass all over my cute schoolmate. Knowing I had his attention and I was about to get me some of that big daddy dick! Knowing that every naughty man loves a naughty girl in school girls outfit, I go to the car pull out mu naught bag of tricks. I’m now wearing a tiny little plaid skirt, some knee highs, and even tied up my little white top I had on. His cock told me I was any daddy’s dream girl. He stood right up when I came in the room. I could not help but tease him with my sexy dancing and grinding my ebony ass all over his big dick.

Daddy’s a grower

Damn, daddy’s got a big dick. I was literally faced to face with a one-eyed monster as I knelt down in front of him. I was a Catholic school girl getting ready to slurp down daddy’s big dick. After all the teasing, he could not take it any longer and parted my lips with that big dick and made me suck it. After fucking my face, he picked me up and told me he needed this pussy.

Because he was ready to fuck, he placed me on the bed and started to fuck my pretty black pussy gentle at first then each stroke got harder and harder. I cried out which seemed to make him punish my ebony pussy more and fuck me harder. It was so fucking hot, neither of us could stop now. He filled up my tight pussy with his thick cum and the party continued just beyond the closed doors.

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