Public Sex Stories in the Dressing Room

Here we go again with the public sex stories because the risk of getting caught is amazing. I think everybody with a stocking fetish wants some naughty public phone sex. So, if you like a girl coming on to you in public wearing something sexy then keep reading because this will make you so horny.

You’re my boyfriend and we’re out shopping at the mall. Suddenly, I have a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye. I take you by the hand and lead you into Victoria’s Secret because I have a surprise for you.

We look at a few things, however, we each only grab three outfits. You sit outside the dressing room so that I can model each one for you. We grabbed a few bras and pantie sets, a sheer bodysuit or two, and a teddy.

The last thing I try on is a light blue teddy (the same color as my bikini). I can instantly see your cock getting hard the second I walk out of my room. So, I do a turn for you, slowly, because I want you to see every curve of my body.

You stand up and push me into the dressing room.

We kiss passionately while our hands roam all over each other. You close and lock the door behind you and turn me around so we’re both facing the mirror. Your hands trail my flat stomach covered in the sheer material.

Then your hand slides down between my legs and I lean my head back onto your shoulder. My pussy is soaking through the bottom of the teddy, which means we have to buy it now.

But, these public sex stories don’t end here because there’s going to be the second part. Let’s see how far we get in the dressing room.

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