Public Sex Stories Continued – Fucked in the Dressing Room

This is London with some more public sex stories because everybody loves them! If you want some of the hottest phone sex stories around, this is where you’ll find them. Click here to read part 1. So, where did we leave off?

Right, he had his hand between my legs.

My pussy is so wet while your finger teases my clit. I can hear the sounds of other shoppers. Girls in the dressing rooms near us and associates helping customers. My heart is racing with the excitement of it all.

You put your hand over my mouth as a soft groan escapes my lips. I lean into you, feeling your hard cock throb against my barely covered ass. Your other hand wraps around my body and cups one of my tits. You pinch my nipple through the lace and I bite my lip, trying not to make a sound.

I slide my hands down to meet yours and I undo the snaps of the teddy because I know you want full access. Your fingers find their way into my pussy, however, it’s hard to get them all the way inside. My pussy is so tight and I’m so close to cumming.

To make things easier for you, I bend over trying to loosen myself up enough for your cock to fit deep inside me. You undo your zipper and get into position. I can see your face in the reflection of the mirror and you can see my mouth half open as I gasp.

Quickly, I bite back down on my lower lip to try to keep silent, but your cock feels too good. We both cum together and it’s explosive.

At first, I was going to put it back covered in cum, but I wanted to hold onto the memories. So, call me for some hot phone sex so we can make our own naughty memories.

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