Public Sex Stories, I Fucked My Candidate For Senator!

I started following Edward’s career when he was a driven prosecuting attorney! He was passionate in all of his opening and closing statements. He was tenacious with his witnesses on the stands.

I would sit in court just to admire his work. I suppose that my obsession with him could be seen as stalking him but the day I found out he was going to be at my voting site was the happiest day of my life because I would actually get to talk with him and shake his hand.

The day arrived and I made my way to the table where he was sitting. I continuously wiped my hand down my skirt because I did not want a sweaty palm when he shook my hand.

I was wearing a loose-fitting but short skirt with a silk blouse tucked in and a pair of stockings and heels. Finally, it was my turn. I smiled with my red lips and gazed directly into those baby blue eyes. He smiled back and I asked him just a general question that I already knew his answer to. I just needed to be brain dead as I stared into his eyes and admired his dimples. He was so close to me I could kiss him.

The curtain slid open and he walked in.

I saw him looking down my shirt to the mounds of my titties when I leaned in to write something down on my notepad. After I thanked him, I was directed to the opposite side of the room where the voting booths were set up for privacy.

I did not look back at the table I just stood waiting for a booth to open up. She offered to help me with the computer or any assistance. I assured her I could figure it out but I wanted to take my time because I want to make sure. Thank you.

I walked into the booth sat my purse down and began reading all the candidates and the amendments. The curtain slid open and I was just about to say this booth was occupied when Edward himself walked in. Oh, I am sorry sir but I have already logged onto this kiosk. I am very sure that my cheeks flamed red.

He stood there looking at me taking in every inch of me. He reached up and began unbuttoning my blouse. I did not say any of protest I just let it happen because I admit I wanted it. I was only shocked at where it was happening. People were everywhere and if we got caught it would ruin him. After a few moments of touching and sucking at my breasts, he reached up under my skirt and ripped my panties off.

We cum explosively!

With my skirt pulled up around my waist he lifted me onto his hard throbbing cock. I rode him hard and fast. He kept me from screaming out by swallowing all my sounds. It was over with just a few thrusts but they were so fucking good that I cum with him explosively.

As we straightened our clothes he handed me a card with an address on it. That is my private cell phone number and that is an address where I will fuck you real good. Be there tonight. He did not wait for my response, he just slipped out as quietly as he came in.

I stood at the kiosk voted quickly making sure I voted for the man who just rocked my world!

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