Public sex stories, this is my favorite one of them all.

Public sex stories. It is in my hometown. Every year the town puts on a big festival. Lasting the whole weekend with rides and food tents and fireworks every night everyone and anyone was there. Being a big deal I never missed it. The summer after graduation was like every year, my friends and I were at the festival. Even if you went away to college or moved to a different area people still traveled back for this. I ran into my high school crush, Corey, that year. Being a year older than me I hadn’t seen him all school year since he went away to college.

He was still as hot as hell.

I think he even got more muscular since he was gone. We started talking and decided to try and go on the ferris wheel and continue our conversation from up there. Having admitted to me that he had a crush on me since I came into the school in my freshman year I began to blush. Confessing to him that I also had a crush on him, he grabbed my chin and leaned over and kissed me. Feeling my legs get weak I was thankful that we were sitting down. My public sex stories continue.

It was maybe our second time around on the ferris wheel reaching the top everything got black and stopped.

The whole area lost power and we were at the top of the ferris wheel. At this moment I felt a hand squeeze my tit. Cory whispered in my ear that we can have all the fun we wanted and no one would find out. Not wanting to disappoint him I began to unzip his pants and blow him. My mouth was going up and down as his cock was starting to get harder and bigger in my mouth. He pushed my head away, stood me up and yanked my pants down. Kneeling he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him so he could lick my already wet pussy.

As he sat down and I began to ride him faster and faster I could feel the whole car shaking.

My fear of heights began to set in and I opened my eyes to realize that the power had come back on and the ride has started again. Before I could say anything to Corey the attendant opened up the car and I was still on top of Corey with my pants around my ankles. Everyone was looking at us. To find out the rest of my favorite public sex stories and to hear where we finished our sexual adventure call my phone sex hotline. I will share with you my hottest of hot sex stories.

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