Hot sex stories and cop cars oh my.

Yes, you read that right, I got fucked over the back of a cop car. I have a lot of hot sex stories. This one has to be one of the riskiest hot sex stories I have. I was at my friend Johns house having a few drinks and some laughs.  Deciding this would be a good time to walk to my house so he could look at my ceiling fan that was beginning to make some weird noises. Both of us being a little buzzed he joked around about me making up the story about the fan just to get him in my bedroom. We both laughed. Up to this point, John and I had never had sex or even shared a kiss.

I never thought of him in that way, he was just a friend.

Never in a million years thinking that John would ever become someone in my hot sex stories, but here we are. As we were still laughing about the whole idea of me trying to get him in my bedroom he grabbed me and started to kiss me. Catching me off guard I began to kiss him back not realizing my surroundings. Maybe it was the alcohol or the fact of I didn’t think this was happening. Next thing I knew he was bending me over the trunk of a car and had my skirt up around my waist. Questioning if the reason that I wasn’t wearing panties was that he was right about his theory. Laughing about this I could see where he could think that.

He began to fuck me from behind.

Holy shit! This is amazing! Amazingly, he is so good. The way he was pounding my pussy was going to make me cum quick. Even though I could hear people in the yard close by I didn’t care. His dick was too good to care about what was going on in some random persons back yard. Opening my eyes and seeing that I was bent over the back of a cop car. Looking around I realized that we were in the back of the police station parking lot. But not caring we continued.

What were we doing?

Was I that buzzed that I would do something like this? Was it the excitement of it all? Knowing we should stop. Not want to.   He was fucking my pussy so hard knowing that when I was ready to cum I was going to explode. Let’s just say that the rest of the walk to my house was a messy one. Hot sex stories along with some other very kinky sex stories are available on my blog page. If you would prefer, you hear my sexy voice personally tell you any of these.  Just give me call me for some hot kinky no limits cheap phone sex.

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