Public sex stories with me are erotically kinky true tales

Public sex stories with me, are about sexual encounters in crowded places without anyone ever knowing… usually LOL though there were a few less discreet times when I got carried away. That is why mature phone sex with me is such kinky good fun. Phone sex operators like me, enjoy using life experiences as a base to create fantasy or role-playing scenarios or even just tell you stories of their adventures to make you cum.

Taboo phone sex always turns me on. Few things are as taboo as having sexual encounter when surrounded by families and kids. The challenge is to keep things extremely discreet while enjoying each other’s bodies… I absolutely love edge play. Keeping a man at the edge of orgasm without letting him slip over the edge and cumming. As a matter of fact if a man can stay under control. Keep from cumming while I focus all of my talents, skills, and attention on making him cum… I will pay for him to call a phone sex lady and gift him with free phone sex.

But no man has as yet been able to keep his control while I use my body, mind, and voice to tempt him. Turning him on into my personal sex toy. I always make sure to drive men to cum anytime I want them too… LOL, though a few have cum before I wanted them to…

I remember one of my Public sex stories.

Once going to a boat show at a lake. We had a picnic on the green lawn. I was in a long flowing skirt over my bathing suit. Well, I was not in my bottoms. I sat on my man’s lap, my skirt hiding the fact that he took his cock out and put it in my pussy. We both came with the tiniest motions made because we had a family picnicking not 15 feet away.

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