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Public Sex And A Slow Ride

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Risky Business”. You might recall a scene where the characters have a sexual encounter on a train. My boyfriend has been obsessed with the idea of sex on a moving train ever since seeing that movie. Public sex of all kinds turns him on a great deal. And we have had some close calls nearly getting caught, but not quite. We were on this nearly empty train a few months ago. Most of the cars only had a few people in them, and the one we were in only had a couple of people, they were at the front. We were in the back and two of the other passengers were old men that had fallen asleep with the gentle rocking back and forth of the train.

I Knew What He Was Thinking

My boyfriend leapt at the chance. And I knew from the look on his face what he was thinking without him even verbalizing it. I slipped my panties off and got on the seat on my knees. And leaned over the back of it and he started to lick my pussy from behind. Which I love, since it makes my clit stick out even further in that position. So I’ve always loved getting eaten out from behind. I could feel his warm tongue working on my clit. And I kept looking back over my shoulder to make sure no one could see us. But they weren’t paying any attention to us.
I felt him suck my inner folds into his mouth and tease me until I quivered .And came and he lapped my juices up. I then returned the favor and pleasured him with my mouth. Sucking his beautiful cock into my mouth and sucking it for all I was worth. Public sex like this was absolutely a turn on for me as well. The element of risk was always hot and made me cum harder than normal. I slurped and sucked on his cock and licked off every precious drop of his pre cum .And then his cum when he shot his load down my throat. We were quiet as church mice so as not to be detected having public sex like this.

We were Having Sex Right On The Train


I sat on his lap and lowered my cunt down onto his still hard shaft and rode it up and down. Lifting myself up and down with the arm rests and I could feel my tingling clit want to cum once more. As I fucked him right in the middle of the train . With a few people many rows ahead .They were clueless as to the passion that was happening right at the back of this very car they too were traveling in. It was hot, we saw the world whiz by out the window as we fucked. And I milked his cock and all of a sudden as the train rolled and rocked back on the tracks. I came, biting my lip to keep from crying out. And he shot his load deep in my pussy a few minutes before we pulled into our destination. It was a hot ride, and I loved every minute of it.
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