Public Sex – Sex With A Stranger At A Hotel Swimming Pool – Part One

Public Sex – It happened at the end of an entire week of an unheard of a heat wave.  Conveniently my air conditioner quit working on me.  After so many days in a row of this, I decided to screw it.  I drove to the closest hotel about 10 minutes away.  It was nice enough.  I had been there before for meetings.  Super late the night that I checked in.  It was surprising there weren’t a lot of cars in the parking lot.  Considering it’s right off the freeway.  A lot of semi trucks parked around.  Praying there was a room available, I went inside.  The desk clerk was friendly and checked me in.

Feeling hot, sweaty, and irritable I asked what time the pool closed.

She frowned and said it closed over an hour ago and apologized.  I sighed and took my room key from her.  She looked over her shoulder and whispered to me.  If I wanted to use my key card to get in that she would look the other way.  I wanted to reach across the counter and kiss her.  Relieved, I went to my room and changed into my white bikini bathing suit.  Grabbing a towel I went for the pool.  It was a gorgeous indoor pool with windows around about half of it.  The lights were dim and of course, it was deserted.  I rinsed off in the shower really quick and eagerly dove into the water.  It just doesn’t get any better than this, I thought.

The water was a perfect temperature.

Not too warm and not too cold.  Not sure how long I swam.  Enjoying the silence, I just let my stress fade away.  Finally, I decided to take a break and laid down on a patio lounge chair.  Checking my phone messages.  I must have been exhausted because I fell asleep.  Waking up to a man standing over me which startled me.  He was really attractive, dressed in a blue swimsuit, brown hair, nice body.  The man apologized for catching me off guard and said he didn’t think anyone would be in here.  He set his towel down and dove into the pool.  I sat up and began to watch him as he moved back and forth in the water.

He was mesmerizing for some reason.

Thinking I should go back to my room about the time that he climbed out.  Wrapping his towel around him, he asked if he could pull up a chair.  Speechless I just nodded.  We started talking about work and life in general.  He was here from out of town.  His voice was deep and every once in a while he would reach out and touch my leg.  This sent electricity through my body and between my legs.  I heard myself say “Would you like to come to my room?”  He smiled slyly and asked, “Why should we go anywhere?”  Scooting over to the lounge chair I was sitting in he began to kiss me.

His mouth was warm and teasing.

I hadn’t been kissed like that in a long time.  Our tongues dancing together, I heard myself moan.  At that point, I felt one of his hands touching my breasts through my bikini top.  My nipples hardened instantly.  Feeling the sensation of the silky fabric against my skin.  He tweaked them and began kissing my neck.  Reaching behind my head he untied my suit.  There I was.  Topless in front of this stranger that I would likely never see again.  He lowered his mouth and started suckling my nipples.  One and the other going back and forth.

Stay tuned for Public Sex – Part 2.
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