I had to make him jealous, and a little public sex will do just the trick…

This is the last installation of my tawdry little tale of making my twin brother lover jealous and features a little public sex play… You might have read some of my other family sex stories, and adding some family fun to the mix always makes things more titillating.  This time I was just envious of the slut he was taking to homecoming and wanted to exact my revenge.

I walked down in front of the stands with him only a few steps behind me. As I turned the corner, I glanced up into the stands and saw Nick, staring daggers at the two of us. I allowed a small grin to spread across my lips, but in my head, I was wringing my hands and laughing maniacally. Then, I pulled him under the bleachers, ducking under and climbing over the metal supports. Almost everyone was too busy cheering on the home team to even noticed we had slipped away.

I pushed Brian up against one of the thick concrete beams and dropped down to my knees. He was already rock hard in his shorts. I quickly pulled them down and freed his bulging dick.  Then, I closed my eyes and wrapped my mouth around his cock. He was bigger than I had fantasized about. Obviously, I didn’t need a big cock to make Nick jealous. that’s just the cherry on top.

I bobbed up and down on his dick.  He tasted magnificent.

Then, I opened my eyes and looked up at Brian. I looked deep into his eyes as he started to cum right in my mouth. Above his head, I could see through the gap in the bleachers. There, I could see dozens of parts of people hooping and hollering and enjoying the game and one set of eyes staring down at me. Angry eyes. Eyes that look just like mine.

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