When we last left off in our public sex story, my FemDom Fetish, more specifically, tease and denial had gotten me into a sort of pickle. This was not going to be like the StrapOn Pegging that I had on the beach. He lunged towards me, pinning me against the palm tree and knocking the breath out of me. As I felt his strong, firm hands grab my hips and pull me in closer; I realized that this wasn’t just a sex fantasyhe was ready to have public sex on the beach right then and there.

His full lips pressed into mine as I felt his hand reach around the back of my neck and tug at my hair while pushing my lips harder onto his. I could feel his long, hard dick rub up against my belly button and my pussy began to tingle. There was no way to deny what he wanted, and he would do whatever it took to get it. My sex fantasy of public sex on the beach was about to become a reality.

Public Sex Gets Handed To Me

Stroking his hot cock, I feel it pulsating in my palm. It was way better than I had imagined! My pussy craved to have him inside. I then took control. Leaping onto him, I straddled his waist; clenching with my thighs. The heat was intensified when he threw me onto the sand and crammed it ALL IN AT ONCE. I gasped and tried to breathe as he thrust his cock inside me. My tight, wet pussy had never experienced a dick like this and I could feel his huge balls slap at my asshole with each thrust.

Public Sex On The Beach Fantasy Come True

My body trembling and breathless, I came in a way that I had never cum before. Still pumping his dick inside me, we both looked over to see a ferry full of tourists. He pushed harder into me as we gave our audience one final performance. Both knowing that the lasciviousness of the situation aided in the explosive release that left both of us breathless.

To this day, I still don’t know his name. Was it Mike or Mark? John or Jason? Tim or Tom? I’ll never know…but I’ll always remember the weekend that I had the most mind-blowing, public sex on the beach with a stranger! That memorable weekend was the first of many public sex escapades of mine. Have you ever had public sex? Have you ever watched anyone having sex in public?