FemDom Fetish and Financial Domination

Female Domination or FemDom Fetish has many layers to it one being Financial Domination or FinDom. Financial phone chat varies depending on my needs and wants. As my submissive or “pay pig”, a great amount of trust and obedience is needed in order to receive the full experience of Financial Dom. This may take some time, and to be honest, not everyone makes the cut. Paypigs live to serve me and worship me. My happiness brings a feeling of self-worth to your otherwise mundane life.

As your phone sex mistress, I will control the most private aspects of your life. You know how much I love to tell you what to do and watch as your scramble around to please me! And really, why shouldn’t I? You don’t have the slightest idea of what to do with yourself when I’m not around to tell you what to do. You crave my attention and that comes with a price tag. I don’t need your money, but I fucking LOVE taking it!

As your Sensual Domination phone sex mistress at Phone Sex Kingdom, I will have complete and full control over your bank and/or credit card accounts. I will set up a strict budget that you must follow. Don’t worry babe, you won’t starve. You don’t need much and you are more than willing to give me whatever my little heart desires. In fact, you really should be thinking of more ways that you will make more money for me.

Your vulnerability lies in the palms of my hands as you release all of your power to me. Will you be a good little submissive pet? When you do as you’re told, you will be generously rewarded. I may look and sound sweet, but bad pets who misbehave really piss me off. And when you piss Brittany off, you may just find yourself the topic of my next Blackmail Sex Stories blog.