The Thrill Of It: Public Sex In Naughty Places!

There’s a thrill I get when I have public sex in naughty places, I can’t describe it, but all I know is that it’s a deliciously naughty blend of excitement, thrill, and pure pleasure. I can recall each and every one of my public sexual rendezvous, in great detail, which that alone makes my pussy juices flow profusely! I have fucked in parks, on beaches, in oceans, at work…you name it! But it all started 11 years ago….

 So many firsts occurred for me the first time I had public sex. It was, of course, my first time fucking on a park bench, the first time I got fucked in the ass and the first time we almost got caught… me more pleasure than I had ever thought and that’s the day I became addicted to fucking in public!

I was about 17 years old and a senior in high school and my fuck buddy at the time was in his second year of college. Naturally, he was much more experienced than I was and I most definitely wanted to impress him…what girl wouldn’t? He was the one who taught me everything I needed to know about the business of fucking out in public, it became our drug of choice and to this day I have never recovered from that addiction.

I was in my government class of all classes, bored as hell and I had sent a text to my man.

I was telling him I was wearing a cute little skirt with no panties. It wasn’t long before he was encouraging me to ditch class and to meet him at the park by my house. Without hesitation, I politely excused myself and pretended to head to the bathroom, but instead, I made a B line right for the exit, I jumped in my little car and headed straight to the park.

Now, this wasn’t a relationship, this wasn’t even just a sex thing….this was pure lust! Nothing more, nothing less! As I approached him, he was sitting on a bench and as I drew closer, my pussy immediately began to react to him. It wasn’t long before I could feel a little drip of pussy juice running down my leg. It was in that moment when I walked right up on him, I took a look around and when I realized no one was paying attention, I told him to whip his cock out through the zipper. Like a good boy, he listens!

I simply turned around, sat on his cock and right up my little ass he went! I gasped loudly and slowly moved my body up and down. Each and every time someone walked by, I’d just lean back against him and kissed his neck, in an effort to conceal the fact that he was really penetrating my ass, but then… Call me to find out and let’s have kinky phone sex together!

The Best Phone Sex!