Public Sex – Halloween Party – Part Two

Public Sex – Halloween Party – I knew at that point that I would do anything.  Be anything.  Say anything. He asked me to stand up and turn around  I did as he wanted. I heard him unzip my dress and slowly slide the straps down over my shoulders.  He kissed my neck and reached around to cup my breasts, tweaking my stiff nipples. I was vulnerable and at his mercy and was loving it. Stepping out of my gown I bent over grabbing a hold on the back of the couch completely exposed. My pussy was dripping wet in anticipation.  Not knowing what to expect. I just knew I wanted him with everything in me.

I heard him unzipping his pants as he cupped my mound and slid a finger deep inside me and moving easily in my slick wetness.

Groaning loudly, I cried out, begging him to enter me. He chuckled softly and I felt him thrust into me.  In one hard push, he was buried and slowly pumping me in and out. My orgasm was building fast.  I felt like a bitch in heat. Hearing the ghost decoration in the corner again.  It reminded me of where I was and not caring. Rotating my hips I began to cum hard. The inside of me gripped his hard cock as he pounded me. I lost all sense of space and time as I heard his breathing quicken.  Gritting my teeth, I begged him to give it to me deep and felt his climax.

I was in heaven as I’m feeling his hot dick empty into me. I came again so turned on I thought I might pass out.

Burying my face into the couch cushion feeling the room spinning.  Hearing this familiar stranger grunting like an animal. Suddenly the lights went on and I hear “SURPRISE!!!” I look over my shoulder as my friends jumped out from behind the bar.  Some of them taking pictures of him still mounted in me as I was bent over. I shrieked and sat down, grabbing my dress, hiding.  He stood over me and took off his mask. It was my friend Rich.  I should have known.  And as slightly mortified as I was with all our friends there and witnessing everything.  I’m not going to lie.  I sooooo loved being watched.  And I would do it again and again and again!

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