Public Sex- Getting Ganged Banged on the F Train Part VI

Public Sex Part VI

I don’t know how to describe the intense pleasure I am feeling.  I’m having the best-wet dream where every inch of my body is being worshipped. I can fill lips kissing every corner of my face, multiple warm hands massaging and squeezing my breast.  My pussy and ass are being simultaneously penetrated.  And every 4 minutes or so I feel a new hot cum load landing on a different of my body.

I don’t want this dream to end, but decide it’s time to open my eyes. I open my eyes and see nothing but darkness I have something tied around my eyes. As I attempt to lift an arm to remove my blindfold I am hit with all the same sensations from my dream. My memory suddenly comes floating back to me. This is no dream; I am currently being fucked and body worshipped by 20+ men. Although I have had group public sex in the past, nothing compares to my current situation.

“Remove my blindfold, I want to see all of your cocks” I moan out aggressively.

A second later the blindfold is removed and my eyes roam over my cum soaked body. I look straight ahead and find a very attractive Asian man fucking my pussy. Behind him is another man fucking him, and so on. They are “running a train”. The sight of a man fucking another man is too much and I am yelling out another orgasm. I feel my pussy clenching and squeezing the cock inside my as my anus spasms around someone’s tongue. My pussy is squirting. My legs give out my arms have no energy I am paralyzed by my orgasm.

With a satisfied smile on my lips, I stare up at the ceiling waiting patiently for the last of my lovers to cum, wondering when I will be lucky enough to experience public sex like this again.

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