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This is a public sex story: So my friend told me a story about what happened to her the other day when she was expecting a package and the delivery man delivered a very special package to her. It was such a hot and erotic story I just had to share with you.

So the story starts that she was really excited about this package, however, when the delivery man showed up on her doorstep all he had in his hand was a couple envelopes. She was instantly disappointed and the delivery guy could obviously tell since her excited smile turned into a frown. He had asked her if everything was ok since she had such a disheartened look on her face. She explained to him that she was really excited about getting the package in the mail however it still hadn’t arrived.

What happens next is going to wet all your panties.

But as she leaned over to grab the envelopes the back of her heel caught the ledge and she plummeted forward, tumbling toward him. He now found his face instantly engulfed in her giant breasts. She purposely stayed with his head planted between her breasts for a long moment because of the arousal it gave her. As he went to catch her, his hand auspiciously found its way in between her bare thighs which now had a noticeable warm wet spot on her panties.

He was as hard as a rock now, and she could feel it, unable to stop herself, she leaned into him and pressed down on his hand. The delivery man moaned and couldn’t resist any longer as he gave over to the enticement. With her actions, he knew he had permission and threw her up against the wall and sliding his hand up her cheek slid his tongue deep into her mouth. They were passionately kissing as he was unbuttoning the top of her blouse. He found a nipple with his tongue, slowly teasing it, pulling it into his mouth.

Sliding his fingers over the wetness on her silky panties excited him and he eagerly pushed her panties aside and slipped his fingers into her tight wet hole.

She began to moan with anticipation. The bulge in his pants felt really big and she wondered what was in store for her.

He then unzipped his pants, unleashing his enormous member. He grabbed the back of her thighs and boosted her up on him, allowing her to circle him with her legs. With her legs wrapped around him, her skirt had already been pushed up around her waist. He slid her panties aside and thrust his throbbing cock inside of her. As he thrust fast and deep, he continued to devour her breasts, rolling his face into them, sucking the nipples.

She was writhing in pleasure as he aggressively pushed her against the siding of the house. In a surge of ecstasy, she came, wave after wave of intense delight, spasmodically jerking, crying out, oblivious to the traffic passing or the significant possibility of neighbors watching.

Her cum gushed out of her pussy around his cock pouring down over his thighs.

The sight of her juices squirting around his cock was too much for him causing his head to cock back as he erupted warm cream deep inside her aching vagina. He could feel her engorged pussy throbbing around his cock, so he slid his shaft out of her and let her legs fall down to a standing position and kneeled in front of her and started to caress her aching pussy lips with his lips tenderly.

 It felt so good for him to lap up her juices and gently massage her aching pussy lips with his soft tongue. He stood up and started passionately kissing her enticing the euphoric feeling to linger a little longer. As they were coming down from the high they had realized they contributed to public sex and had onlookers now. They shifted inside her house and gathered their composure. As the delivery man was walking out the door he turned and said I hope I delivered that really special package to you today.

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