Public Sex Is The Best Sex!!

My boyfriend and I had just gotten finished with a long day of a great shopping spree in LA, combined with champagne tasting all day. I felt so spoiled by him and all his gifts, I just had to show my appreciation! My first gesture of thankfulness came in our last boutique, where I asked him to come into my dressing room. Casually unzipping his pants, I got down on my knees and sucked his cock so good. He came almost immediately, shocked by having public sex and hot phone sex.

“This is a little thank you for all my presents, baby,” I cooed. “Now it’s your turn to be spoiled by me!” I said.

The Spoiling Was Just Beginning

He took me to my favorite bar at the swanky Chateau Montmartre, where we had some drinks. He sat across from me at the table, and I took off my shoes and began caressing his cock with my feet. It drove him crazy! Sitting next to him, I put a napkin over his lap, and pulled his cock out of his pants and began stroking him. Telling him to not climax, but just make him want me and hot phone sex!

Whispering in his ear I told him I wanted to fuck him in the back of the bar. He took me to the back, I pulled his cock out of his pants and shoved it into my already wet pussy. Pounding me with such intensity I almost fainted. Cumming so fast and hard, he whispered in my ear, “Oh, God baby, that was so fucking hot!”

Red Hot Night OF Public Sex

This was just the beginning of a red-hot night for him. We got back to our hotel where I changed into my sexy black lingerie, black thigh high lace stockings and black stilettos. It surprised him when I took out my cuffs for his hands and feet, and my whip, and a bunch of dildos and ass plugs and laid them on the bed. He was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time!

He got undressed and laid on his back on the bed. Cuffing him, I began whipping him, while I told him to beg me to fuck him. Which he immediately did. I sucked his huge cock so good but told him he couldn’t cum, that I would tell him when it was time to cum. Turning him over on his stomach I licked his nice asshole. Putting the ass plugs in him, along with my different sized dildos, he was so turned on!

Moving to the chair I began fingering my pussy. Using a huge dildo in my pussy I came hard. Going back to the bed, I sat on his face and told him to eat my creampie. All over his face, I came and came, as he sucked my pussy. Furiously, I fucked his cock with my pussy, he came so hard inside me!

Smiling, I said, “Thank you again for all my presents baby!”


Phone Sex