This Was Our First Public Sex Story

My boyfriend and I were out for a walk after dinner recently in a nearby park. And as we were walking along hand in hand we started to talk about some of our favorite sexual encounters together. We were getting horny as we went over some of them in detail. I looked around and didn’t see anyone, and I said I wanted to fuck right now. And that I didn’t wantto wait until we could walk back to my condo. There was a bench in a little clearing, and while public sex had not been our goal during this after dinner stroll, it clearly became evident that we were so horny, we didn’t care if we were in public.

I Straddled Him Right There In The Open

He sat on the bench and pulled down his pants around his ankles, He gave me a sly smile. I was so horny I stripped naked  as he watched me.  And I  just straddled him on the bench. I lowered my hot, already slippery wet pussy down onto his shaft and began to ride him. He ran his hands up and down the backs of my thighs and over my ass cheeks. As his cock slipped in and out of my dripping cunt. We kissed and then he sucked on my nipples. At any time anyone could have walked by and happened upon our act of public sex.

public sex is Gisele's favorite

I Was About To Have A Powerful Orgasm

It began to rain lightly and the water ran down my breasts and nipples and he lapped it up with his hot tongue.He was taking one nipple in his mouth and sucking on it. Causing them both to grow hard as I continued to buck up and down against his rigid shaft. My clit was so stiff as I ground it into his cock. I could feel that powerful orgasm welling up inside of me. My cunt was hot, wet, and soon to be cumming all over his hard cock.

I Couldn’t Believe That We Were Fucking In Public

I felt my cunt begin to spasm in orgasm and I wrapped my arms around his neck.  And I held him close as I came all over his cock. At that moment over his shoulder behind some bushes I spotted a man watching us. I didn’t mention this to my boyfriend. I could feel him squirting inside of me and I just continued on, but it had indeed turned out to be public sex by fucking there on the bench. And  I wasn’t too concerned. It wasn’t a security guard or anything, just some guy out for a walk that had stopped to watch. When he saw me watching, he continued on his way. I wondered if he’d masturbated as he watched us fuck? I had no clue how long he’d been standing there watching us. But he got his jollies, and we got ours.

Our Public Sex Turned Out To Be Fun

After we fucked, my boyfriend pulled up his pants, and I slipped my panties and dress back on and we continued on our way. Our public sex had turned out to be fun. Maybe we would try this again sometime in a bit more of a public place where more people would be apt to see us fucking. We fucked again when we got home, I was just so horny that night. Maybe one day soon I will tell him we were being watched, I think he’d like knowing that.

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