Public Masturbation On A Timid Cooking Channel!

Exhibition porn was one of Charlie’s favorites, but his mother was very stern about porn in the house.  She blocked all of the channels and child-proofed their internet in an attempt to keep him from watching dirty videos.  It didn’t matter that he was 19.  She was determined to keep him innocent forever.

What she didn’t know was that Charlie watched porn at friend Peter’s all the time.  Peter seemed like the perfect Christian influence, but he was a dirty boy! He turned Charlie on to exhibition porn a year prior, and Charlie can’t get the idea of public masturbation out of his head.

“Have you ever tried to flambe with a dick in your mouth, though?”

His mom got strict after he was caught rubbing himself at university.   It made her crazy to believe that her son would do such a thing.  “Like father like son!” She swore that at the top of her lungs whenever he was disappointing.  He found his dad’s porn stash in the trash the night Karen threw him out.  He actually kept a few, too.

With no good porn to watch, he settled for advertisements often.  Lisa King’s Flipping the Bean Cooking Show was a favorite of his.  Her perky tits always bounced around as she flipped her pans or stirred sauce.  It was the best that he could find.  He hoped Karen never came home early from the office.  It would be a mess trying to explain to her why he was wanking it to a pretty-faced brunette frying chicken!

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Karen believed that the cooking shows would make him well-rounded, but she didn’t know King’s show took a hit.  Desperate for a rise in views, King decided this would be a good time to try something new.  Have you ever tried to flambe with a dick in your mouth, though? It was shocking the channel supported her decision for a public masturbation cooking show.

When the show aired, it started normally. Her logo across the screen and her big smile as she introduced herself.

It took a moment for Charlie to notice she was not wearing anything under the apron.  He found himself staring harder, trying to prove himself wrong.  There was NO WAY King was nude.  But then assistant Sami came out with some Roux he made in advance.  King said she loved roux on hot meat.  Confused, Sami asked what she meant. “Like macaroni and pulled pork?”

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She winked at the camera while making the joke she would pull someone’s pork.

Leaning down, she took Sami’s cock from his pants into her hands, spooning on the roux before licking it off.  “Needs more salt!” She kept tasting and adjusting the spices on Sami’s cock.  Sami was moaning and leaning against the counter as King slowly sucked his umami dickhead.  Public masturbation had never made it onto cooking shows before, but the views were rising by the moment.

Could it be that exhibition porn was all the cooking channels needed for ratings?  King was fitting his whole cock down her throat while Charlie stoked himself raw.  He never missed another episode of Flipping the Bean again.  Charlie is nervous, however, because Karen wants to test his skills at a family dinner!

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