Public Cross dressing for profit!

Public cross dressing.  We’ve all heard this story before, but public cross dressing adds a new flavor into the mix.  You’re in between jobs, and the new semester will be here soon.  If you don’t pull together enough money for your classes in time, you’ll have to drop out.  So you desperately search for quick cash so that you can stay in school.  So far, so standard, right?

One day, you spy an ad online to work at a new mall shop.  The ad reads as follows.

  • Models needed
  • Age, sex, and weight do not matter
  • No experience required
  • Compensated training
  • Paid in $$$ at the end of each day

It sounded too good to be true, and you sent in an application fully expecting to never hear back from the poster.  But an email response soon followed.  It didn’t ask you to come in to the shopping center for an interview like normal.  It asked when you could start.  Red flags were going up left and right, but all you cared about the money.  When you get to the store, you are greeted with a smile and brought to the back.  There are others there.  Some young, some old, some men, and some women.

“We are a fast-expanding clothing shop with a dozen other locations so far.  We’ve found an angle that both makes us unique and increases sales.  Any shop can have mannequins.  What gets people to stop in our shop are live mannequins.  When there is someone standing in the window flaunting our wares, the stock just goes flying off of the shelves for some reason.  It can be hard work, so we pay quite well and at the end of each day.  So, interested?”

“Yes ma’am!” You and everyone else says when you all see the amount you’ll get to take home each day.

I direct you to the back where you sign your work contracts.  My helpers are standing by to assist you.  It is then decided what everyone wears, and you can’t believe how much we are going to pay you to stand around all day.  But then you see someone approach you with a miniskirt, heels, and a half top.

“Uhhh…what is that?”

She looks at the clothes and then back at you.  “It’s Jaque LaRue’s work.  He’s all the rage.”

“No, I mean…that’s a skirt,” you stammer.

“Oh.  We have far fewer items for men to showcase so we’ll need you to wear this for now.  Don’t worry.  We’ll prep you.”

You aren’t given much room to protest as you’re whisked away to be waxed, dressed, and painted up like a woman.  When you look back at yourself, you hardly recognize the ‘man’ in the mirror.

The girls look proudly at their work.

No one will be the wiser!  No, go to your pedestal.  Go! go!  It’s almost time to open!

The shop gates open as the halls of the mall begin to fill with people.  Not wanting to be discovered, you strike your sassiest pose and go still.  This definitely wasn’t part of your job description.  Find out what happens next by calling my phone sex line for more!