It was a usual day for Donny, the public bus masturbator. 

He boarded the B97 at his usual time after his am barista shift – 2:15 pm. What a great time to be a public bus masturbator! Sometimes he would call me for phone sex while taking the ride home. I would instruct him on how to stroke himself through his pants in a way where no one would notice. Donny would be able to touch himself freely if he placed his backpack in the way. By doing that he would obstruct any prying eyes. 

Not that he would at all, Donny was a true pervert. 

He took his public bus masturbator title seriously. It started with just roleplays about humiliation with phone sex girls but once he met me, we both knew it was going to start happening in real life. Here we are now once again, Donny is on the bus with his cock out and me in his ear chatting away. I feel something is different about our session today, I just can’t put my finger on what it is. 

Suddenly our public bus masturbator Donny says something to me I will never forget. 

“Do you remember the device, Dylan?”, his tone more serious than I have ever heard before. “The..Device?”, I reply questioning because the only time he has ever mentioned anything even remotely similar was when we had talked about the 1994 film Speed. My mind wanders, hoping to recall any other discussions about a device. I pray he is referencing the sounding cage I kept threatening him with. 

“Dylan I have put a device on my cock and if I do not consistently maintain a speed of 50 MPH while jacking off publicly, this entire mother fucking bus is going to explode with everyone on it.” 

He is serious, as serious as a heart attack. I say nothing in response, I realize that I am now dealing with a hostage situation and that I absolutely must remain calm. I have to let the public bus masturbator do all of the talking this time. Donny is jacking off so furiously that I can hear it. More importantly, I can hear the gasps and screams of those sitting around him now noticing his cock moving 50 miles per hour, just as he promised. 

Before Donny had gotten addicted to being a public menace, we had enjoyed months of mind control Domme calls. 

“Listen to me you pathetic fucking pervert and listen to me closely,” I command him in a tone he is familiar with and also slightly scared of. Hundreds of minutes spent together, I had rewired his brain to obey me and only me- his Domme. “You are going to take your disgusting pathetic ass off of that bus while still going at the same speed. Then you know what’s going to happen, correct?” 

No reply from his end of the telephone, just the sound of his dick flesh smacking together. My heart sank but then I heard him mumble, “Yes Goddess..I know what must happen now. I should not have endangered these people and now I will have to pay for it.” It was as if I was having an out-of-body experience and could see what was actually going on. He stood up, cock in one hand and phone in the other- never losing his momentum. Donny opened the emergency door and jumped out of the bus while it was still moving. I heard the distant but distinct sound of an explosion as the line went dead. 

My favorite Public Bus Masturbator snuffed himself out. Probably for the best as he had truly developed a sick obsession. 

RIP Donny – 1985 to 2021 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke