“Have you done mind control Domme sessions before?”

My new pet seemed hesitant to try something new, especially a kink that would require him to turn his brain off completely. I understand why – Giving up physical power for a man already requires a great level of trust and dedication to his Mistress. To fully just “hand over the keys” to me proves you’re dedicated to me AND us. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was impressed each and every time. I own you completely at that point and there’s nothing that satisfies me more.  Mind control domme sessions are in fact my favorite.

I nod and grin devilishly at him. His entire body relaxes visibly. As he does this, I can feel my sweet wetness starting to well up in my midnight blue latex panties. I love it so much that my first duty, before we can begin, must start with something different. A little trick I learned from our humiliation phone sex calls together. 

“Get down there and drink me first, piss pot!” 

Frantically my urination station gets between my legs, pulls the latex aside and opens up wide for his first treat. I always find that during mind control domme sessions it’s best to begin with what my toy already responds well to. Any good hypno domme fantasy needs to be comfortable at first before the limits begin to get played with and pushed. In this case- he loves to sip directly from the source. 

Secretly I know my hot bitch piss will only aid him in fully submitting to his mind control Domme even further. I learned this in my time as a phone sex operator and the trick has never failed me. 

My slave is beneath me still, licking up every last drop from my cunt. His long licks beg for more but I’m all out at the moment. I demand for him to crawl over to my bar, pour us both glasses of champagne so that we can begin. On all fours still, he makes me a perfect ottoman while I process where exactly I would like to start with our first mind control Domme session. 

Brilliance strikes me like lightning. 

“Pet, I want you to get on your knees in front of me. Right here where I am sitting.” He moves quickly down his knees to face me. I guide my eyes down to between his legs. “Pull it out and stroke- keep your eyes on me the entire time. Do not blink, do not speak. Do nothing but stroke, got it?” Unsure as to if he is even to nod, he begins pumping. What a very good boy! This pleases me and makes my pussy become wet again.

“Keep you eyes on me, if you ever want to drink from me again you will stroke on command and by instruction only. You belong to me. You are mine. Everything you do in this life is for me and no one else. Not even yourself. Stroke, my pet…” 

Want to find out if mind control domme fetish is for you? Give me a ring tonight and yes, that is a command. 😉



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke