It’s very likely you’ve not ever heard of hypno domme fantasy phone sex. 

That’s okay, darling- I’m here to show you the ropes now. You’re already off to a good start by just relaxing to read this blog. I imagine you are sitting there in your chair, scrolling through our pages and looking for something new. Something exciting and different from your typical call. 

But- are you ready for hypno domme fantasy calls? I’m not so sure. It seems that you will have to prove that to me before we proceed any further. Beg me, even. Convince me that you really want to try something new, exciting and addicting. 

Do you usually do ageplay phone sex when you call one of our lovely ladies? 

Well, we will take it many steps further once we dive into a hypno domme fantasy scenario. That sweet young thing you like to roleplay with is going to become your master. She will tell you exactly what she wants you to do to impress her. A sweet valley girl babysitter becomes your ultimate control Goddess. With HDF, I control your every move and thought. It’s like doing a JOI session but on steroids. 

Once you were my mindless jack-off zombie but now you’ve fully submitted to my control even outside of our little phone sex chat sessions.

The next thing you know, you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars calling me. Hours-long conversations have turned into forced intoxication hypno that melts your brain.

You’ll do anything and whatever I ask in order to please me. It’s never enough though, that’s the kick when it comes to hypno domme fantasy. Until I know you’ve fully broken down for me, I am not finished. I need you completely addicted. Calling daily and emailing me to set up our very next slot of time for tomorrow. 

The idea that I am wearing designer clothes while you eat ramen makes your dick hard. 

Emptying out savings accounts, selling off stocks and bonds quickly, working overtime until you feel as if you might lose your mind. Anything you have to do in order to continue being brainwashed by me. All of this seems like second nature to you at this point.  

I’ll push your buttons during hypno domme fantasy. You will find yourself considering things you never ever would before. I love making you jack off to indescribable scenes and ruining your precious mind. 

It was never that innocent though, to begin with, right?

We both know what the nature of your fetishes started with. I merely got inside the workings of your brain and had it all come out into the air. I even got you to confess more and more to me. All those dirty little thoughts came out into the wash once I got you going. The kinkiest, sadistic, and dark fantasies have made their way to the top. I guess I should move you to Level II: Blackmail Fetish – Are you ready for that? It doesn’t really matter if you are or not, I make the decisions for you now. 😉 



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke