Why sit alone at home doing nose candy when we could be having a forced intoxication hypno session?

See? I’m already controlling your little pathetic brain, sweetie. Forced intoxication hypno JOI is going to change your life. You may even find yourself having a hard time getting off alone. Getting addicted to me is very common. This isn’t for the weak, my little worm. Are you man enough? Let’s find out, baby.

You won’t even last 20 minutes. 

Did you get stocked up for the evening?

You’re going to need alcohol for sure. Poppers would be ideal as well and whatever your drug of choice may be. There’s something extra fun about hearing you tap away with a credit card, forming lines nervously. Roll the bill up and put it to your nose, slave boy. Feel the drip slide down your nasal passage and down the throat. That zip you feel, your body loosening up. Relax, unclench your jaw. Stroke your cock. 

This is forced intoxication hypno phone sex, baby.

You ready to get super weird? Great. Listen to my voice. Let my words drag you into subliminal JOI bliss. Keep pumping your cock, slide up and down the shaft. It’s growing thicker and bigger with each stroke. 

Keep your eyes closed. If I want them open, you will be the first to know. It’s important to me when we do these forced intoxication hypno session you are following my every instruction flawlessly. One minor slip-up ruins the entire set. You want to cum eventually, don’t you? Failure to listen could result in our time ending, only for me to decide when you’re worthy of starting again. 

Take a shot. Do a line. Stroke that fucking cock. 

Did I stutter? Why are you delaying then? Don’t speak, you have no say in what goes on today. This is my show and you’re a guest. Having an audience is fun and I’ll decide if and when we should add another girl to our party. Do you really think you can handle two hot voices telling you what to do with that slab of thoughtless man meat?

Oopsies, look what you did- The phone sex girls at The Kingdom own you now. 

More powder, more booze, more stroking. More time on the phone with me. These are your necessities now. Hours on the phone, knowing I’m going to ruin you. Everything started with innocent 10 minute jack off instruction calls but now you’re a mindless zombie. I’m all that matters now, right? Nothing else in the entire world matters anymore, just me and our forced intoxication hypno play-dates. Entire days fly by with us on the phone together. 

Do you think you deserve to cum? 

I don’t. Do another line, take another shot and keep edging. This is a form of prayer to your perfect bratty blonde Goddess. On your knees, beg me to let you release. Hear the urgency in your voice and feel that any minute you might fully lose control. Should I let you have your will back? I guess we will just have to wait and see. 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke