Public Ass Eating – He Ate My Ass At A Park And People Saw!

Public ass eating in the park. Yes, during the day and everything! I was so surprised but so horny that he wanted to give me something really special. And I just let him!

It was a good at work and I was just wondering what to do after. Then Vegas guy messages me and tells me he’s in my town for a few days. So, I tell him to hang out and he says that he’ll be over shortly. I get some jeans and a t-shirt thrown on and wait.

Within about 20 minutes he’s at my door, looking like a fucking snack. I couldn’t wait to see what he wanted to do. So, we hop in his car and head out to a restaurant that was open. We have dinner and spend our time laughing and chatting.

Then he says “It’s getting dark, we should go for a walk in a park for a bit.” I agree and have him take me to a big park so we could walk for a while. After a while, we stop at a bench and sit down. We talk some more and he moves in close and starts kissing me on the park bench.

I just melt into him and start feeling myself getting hornier and hornier. Then he starts grabbing my tits under my shirt and I just can’t help but grab at his cock. Next thing I know he’s starting to unzip my jeans. I say “Oh my god, what if someone sees us?”

He smiles and pulls me to the edge of the bench.

Then he pulls my jeans down over my ass and tells me to hang my ass over the edge. I do it and he gets on the ground behind me and kisses my ass all over. And I could see so many people walking and thought someone is going to catch us. But, he just kept kissing my ass.

He then spreads my ass cheeks far apart and I feel his warm, wet tongue licking my ass crack from top to bottom. I close my eyes and imagine how hot he looks back there just eating my ass in a public place. He hungrily starts tonguing my asshole. And I just keep a lookout for people.

I couldn’t believe this! A hot guy just chowing down on my cute little behind in a park. I had no idea what was going to happen but it was all so exciting. Public ass eating is really fucking hot.

Before too long he’s fingering my pussy and eating my ass and I am just enjoying the ride. But, I could see some people walking closer. It was darker now so maybe they won’t notice us. Then I watch them as they see what is happening and they turn around and walk away… fast.

It was kind of funny how fast they were gone but I couldn’t care less! I was busy feeling so good and having my ass ate. Vegas guy then spanks my ass and keeps going. And I could feel myself getting ready to cum from him fingering me.

I say “Oh daddy, I’m gonna cum.”

He inhales deeply and says “Mmm, yes, baby. Cum for daddy.” So, of course, that turned me on a lot and I immediately relax and cum hard on that park bench. He then stands up and I can see his bright smile in the few lights we had. So, I reach for his pants and pulls them down.

He moans as I shove his cock into my mouth and start to suck it. I deeply suck his cock for a while and then really soon after that he moans loudly and cums in my mouth. I knew that public ass eating was a good idea after that. Because it made him feel good fast and made me feel like a naughty girl.

Then we get in his car and he takes me home. We kiss but then I ask him to come in for a while for a cuddle. So, he smiles at me and agrees to do it. It was dream come true. But, I am still thinking about the Tik Tok Star in my dreams…

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