Tik Tok Star Straight Up Gives Me The Business From Behind

Tik Tok star gives me a good fucking from behind! In my dreams. But, still, this dream has been stuck in my head for a while now and I cannot seem to stop masturbating to it! It turns me on so fucking much.

So, I’m at a party at a friend’s house. I drink and drink and finally am just hanging out by the pool and just sit with my feet in it, smoking a cigarette. Before too long someone comes outside and I roll my eyes and sigh.

A deep yet sweet voice says “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know anyone was out here.” I turn and there he is… the hottest guy on Tik Tok, Trevor. Well, I choke on my cigarette smoke and say “No, it’s cool. I am just hanging out. Wanna join me?”

Trevor sits down next to me and we start talking about the party. He says that all these girls wouldn’t stop practically trying to fuck him with their eyes. I say “Well, what can you do? You’re a hot famous person and they get to see you in person.” He nods and laughs.

He stands up and says “I’m gonna go for a swim. Join me?” And then he takes off his shirt and jeans revealing his THICK body and sexy tattoos, the one on his chest saying “Love is Pain.” He jumps in so I take off my dress and jump in. We splash around for a bit and just talk about anything and everything.

We’re standing under a small manmade waterfall in the pool and he jokes about me being so short so I jump onto him and say “Oh really?! Well, I can climb you like a tree, thicc boy!” We both laugh and he wraps his arms around me. I immediately stare into his beautiful eyes and he stares into mine.

He leans his head towards mine and our lips meet.

His lips are incredibly thick and juicy. And I just melt into him. He takes off my bra and I pull off my panties. He takes off his boxer shorts and I feel his hard cock up against me.

It turns me on so much that I just want to shove him inside of me but he takes his time. Kissing me, sucking my nipples, fingering me, and lifting me to the edge of the pool to eat my pussy. I am in Heaven with all these things happening to my body. And I want more.

He makes me cum when he eats my pussy fairly quick and I just jump right back onto him. Then he takes me to the stairs of the pool and bends me over the stairs. I hold onto the side of the pool as I feel his thick, hard cock enter me from behind. And I moan very loud as he pushes his way inside of me.

He slowly starts to fuck me and grabs onto my tits to make sure not to fall over and I don’t float away. With every thrust, I feel him get harder and harder and I could not be more turned on. His turgid member just thrusting in and out of me makes me cum after only a few minutes. I smile and he then starts to fuck me harder.

It’s his turn to cum and I am ready to be filled with his hot load. He fucks me faster and faster and then a few people walk outside and go “Oh my! Turn around… nothing to see here. Sorry!” He then grabs me by my hair and fucks me as hard as he can.

I start to feel myself cumming again and I can feel him throbbing deep inside. And then we both cum together in unison. He grunts and groans and I moan and grab his wrists. Then I turn around, filled with his cum, and kiss him on the mouth before… you got it. I wake up.

Of course, I wake up crabby as hell because it wasn’t real, being fucked by a Tik Tok star, but boy, have I been masturbating to the memory of this dream almost every day! And it gives me some good mental orgasm porn to make me cum without touching myself.

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