It’s time for a phone sex psychodrama terror session with the humiliatrix of your WORST fucking NIGHTMARES.

Looking for a psychodrama terror session phone sex call? Cum to my office. I’m ready to direct a dramatic and even more traumatic re-enactment of your life.

So, who are the most important characters of your formative past moments? Your mother, perhaps? I can only imagine she treated you in some way that left a lingering sense of worthlessness. I can only hope, I mean. When did she start showing you what a failure you are? Did she raise you as a pathetic sissy? Or perhaps her mothering often reinforced some other unforgivable fault?

Learning empathy for others is an important component of regular psychodrama therapy, and is crucial for our psychodrama terror session as well. While others have only sympathy for you, you will be able to understand exactly why they feel the way they do. Empathizing is paramount to realizing how disgusting, how contemptible you really are.

Doubling is another one of my favorite elements of our psychodrama terror session. In regular psychodrama therapy, the director or other cast members act as your double by stepping behind you and voicing your (possible) thoughts and feelings. And as for my approach to doubling with you? Imagine your negative self talk on steroids. Then multiply that exponentially, of course.

I’m not afraid to go to dark places. The darker I get, the deeper we can go. And you’re going to dig DEEP, bitch.

Perverts are a dime a dozen, but there is something really wrong with you. You’re sick. We’re going to get right down to your inaugural fucking “trauma,” re-traumatize your Oedipal whatever-the-fuck, no matter WHAT it takes. I’ll be your Mommy. Your “mean” sister. Those boys in the locker room who laughed when they saw your flaccid, worm “penis.” And oh, so much more. And if you don’t know what’s wrong with you, yet? Well, don’t worry. I’ll figure it out.

Mostly, this is for you. I’m sick of subs telling me they’re here to serve me. Give me a fucking break. Pandering to the lowest common denominator of male “desire” (ugh) bores me to tears. I’d rather tear you down. I’d rather hear your tears. Better yet, sobs.

So many other femdom “treatments” pair well with our humiliation session.

Take forced intoxication, for example. Do you usually just drink alone? Good. You’re going to do that again tonight, but with me on the other end of the phone line instead of just getting sloshed deeper and deeper into the void. Your pity party has another guest tonight, and I’m the choreographer of this sad tragedy in three parts. Hope you came thirsty, bitch.

Combine with a little CBT (cock and ball torture) and we have the perfect (temporary) cure for your “emotional problems.” Better bring those rubber bands. I’m happy to castrate you the same low budget way farmers do to cattle. It would do you a lot of good (emotionally and otherwise) not to be bothered with all those stupid problems arising from your (even more stupid, worthless) dick. Ugh. God, you make me fucking sick. Have I mentioned that yet?

Humiliation phone sex is my FAVORITE type of call, always and forever. It really gives me profound joy to hear the sound of a man’s tears. When’s the last time you cried? I don’t care if you haven’t been able to “get it up,” tear-wise, in years or if you cry every night of your miserable life. We’re going to OPEN those floodgates during our psychodrama terror session call.

Men don’t cry enough. It’s my CALLING to help with this societal problem.

So maybe you have a job, too. Maybe you have a “proper job” that gets more respect than mine at holiday, family-oriented dinners. Fuck you. You hate your miserable job, and I love mine. We’re going to talk about that during our session, too, limp dick.

What are you waiting for? Your regular therapist certainly isn’t going to give you the one-of-a-sadist kind of treatment I offer. No one will. And you desperately need it. There’s no “hope for a cure” when it cums to you, but as your new psychodrama terror session specialist, I’ll do my very best to make your condition MUCH worse!