This prostate massage story is sure to have your cock dripping precum.  I can’t wait to tell you all about giving my lover his first orgasm by milking his prostate.   Some straight men are not very comfortable with the idea of any kind of anal play.   This was also the case with my lover.  Therefore, it had become my mission to make this first-time anal experience one he would enjoy and want to repeat.

Making sure to establish trust and intimacy between my partner!

The first thing that had to be done was to set the mood and get him ready for tonight.  I  didn’t want to rush such an intimate moment between my lover and me.  So, I decided to run him a warm bubble bath with lavender scented oils, that would be the perfect start to a magical evening. While he relaxed in the warm bubbles and the sweet fragrance of lavender filled the air, I pass him his favorite drink and a joint. I began to massage him to release any pinned up energy through his shoulders.  Since he is normally a shower kind of guy, I loved that he was so relaxed and ready for more.  As I kissed his neck, I whispered, “tonight we’re taking things to another level”

Feeling his eyes all over my body, he watched me walk out of the bathroom door. Giving him a little alone time, to finish bathing, I went into the bedroom and get things prepared.  After his bath he stepped into the bedroom, wearing only a towel.  I had taken the liberty of dimming the lights and putting on some porn on the 65″ TV.  He smiled with approval, knowing that this was going to be one kinky night.

Come Sit on the bed baby!

As he took a seat on the bed, I removed his towel and straddled him.   Playfully sucking on his bottom lips, then kissing his neck.  I suckle his erect nipples, before moving down to his already swollen cock. Since lubrication is essential, I grab the lube with was purposely placed within arm’s reach.  While taking your cock in my mouth, using my tongue to stroke his cock and get him even more aroused and at ease.


This prostate massage story will take him over the edge

His toes are curling from the way that my mouth worked that cock.  Then I took my lubed fingers and began to rim his ass. He moaned as I teased the head of his cock with my soft lips and wet tongue.  Lifting his legs back I continued to make circles on his asshole. He was loving it and I had him right where I wanted him for the prostate massage story to go just the way I wanted it.

I slowly insert the tip of my finger inside of him and waited to feel my finger being sucked in by his anus. Once my finger was been allowed in, I just held it there, to allow to get comfortable.  I continued to suck on his cock until he started to relax and before began to move my fingers deeper. I began massaging his cock until he released his massive load in my mouth.

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