I just love the sharing of first-time sex stories.   This one today is all about my innocent little brother. Well, let’s just say he is not so innocent anymore. I have definitely fixed that. He is now my new little toy in training. I am sure you’re wondering how this happened so let me just share this tale of virginity loss and pegging.

First-time sex stories: truth or dare

It started with him staying with me for the holiday. He asked me if he could stay with me since mom and dad had so many people staying at the house. I told him sure why not. That first night we had a shit load of fun, chatting, playing board games and drinking. We played truth or dare and I discovered a lot of info about my little brother I did not know. Like he has only been to second base with a girl. I was shocked, this can’t be my brother here still a virgin. Something had to be done.

First I needed to see what he was working with.

After several drinks I could not help it, I wanted to see his dick. I told him to get undress. He looked at me strangely, then I yelled for him to get undress. He complied and my questions were answered. My brother had the smallest dick I have ever seen. Damn what a disappointment. Right then and there I knew what needed to be done. I commanded him to go get my gym bag in my closet.

He returned naked and holding my bag. I yanked it from his hands and pulled out my 10″ strap-on. After putting it on I forced him to his knee. I slapped him with my cock across his face and said, “This is a real cock.” Grabbing him by his head and proceeded to fuck his throat. His saliva coated the cock so nicely. After it was all nice and wet I pushed him to the floor lifting his legs and pushed that strap on in his tight virgin fuckhole.

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