Frank is flying in for our private skydiving lessons. Of course, just thinking about him is getting all tingly. We have so much fun together. He is sexy and has a great personality too!

Originally, I met him when my friend and I were taking lessons. He and I immediately hit it off. In fact, Frank cannot keep his eyes off my sexy long legs. He loves watching me walk across a room.

After the first lesson, he and I were fast fuck friends and started having parachute teacher sex. And, Frank loves doing things that are risky and kinky. Public sex is one of his favorite things and we have had lots of it.

Now, he is coming back for some private skydiving lessons just for me!

Of course, he also wants to see my bare ass so he can squeeze and play with it. He told me on the phone, he is bringing me a present. I can’t wait to see what he has for me.

We are going out tonight for dinner. Dinner isn’t the only thing we are going to be doing. He has an incredible cock that I will be rocking. And, he loves my tight young pussy.

When he gets to my house, he hands me a beautifully wrapped box. I open it and find this amazing backpack! It is so nice and exactly what I would’ve picked for myself! I am definitely giving him my pussy before and after our private skydiving lessons.

Dinner is so good and after, we go for a walk near my home.

It is a gorgeous night as we hold hands and walk along the water of a local lake. Frank is catching me up on his travels. He has an exciting life and I love hearing all the details.

We find a bench and sit down. The night is feeling magical. Of course, I am also wet and creamy from our touches. We start kissing and I moan with pleasure as I remember his incredible kissing skills.

My hand finds his crotch and I start to rub his cock through his shorts. I want that dick in my mouth right now, long before our private skydiving lessons. As I  kneel in front of him. he undoes his shorts and pulls out his nice rod for me.

I wrap my hand around it and start stroking it from the base of his shaft up to the head.

Now, he is moaning in pleasure. I lick the head and use my tongue to tease him a little. Then, I take that meat stick deep into my mouth. In and out, giving him a nice sloppy blow job.

Of course, he wants much more and pulls me up. He lifts my sundress and slides my panties off. His hands grab my bare ass as he is kissing my tummy down to my pussy mound.

Frank wants me to climb on top of him and bend these long legs around him as I ride that cock. Mmmm…with pleasure! As I slide down onto his dick, my pussy welcomes him.

This is just the start of our fun during his visit for those private skydiving lessons! Curious to hear about all our kinky fun? Or, have something else in mind? Call me for some of the best phone sex!