Learning to skydive has been amazing. It is even more fun than I was thinking it would be. In fact, Frank, the instructor, is outstanding. Not only in his teaching skills but also at parachute teacher sex.

Yes, that is right. I am fucking my instructor at the airport. He is so charming and sexy. It seems he also likes sexy, barely legal submissive girls. My friends and I went out there to find out about skydiving.

In doing that, we did, in fact, sign up for the classes. Additionally, Frank and I are finding a stronger connection. We are having sex in planes, on airport equipment, and more.

Of course, parachute teacher sex is fucking awesome!

I am thinking Frank has been around. His sexual skills are the best I have had so far. Although I am newer to sex, I have been with quite a few men in a short period of time.

Between my daddy dom sharing and the sleeping with married Mormon men, I have had a lot of sexual encounters. Add in all the fun with my college friends, and those are some big numbers.

Of course, Frank doesn’t need to know all those details. We are only having some parachute teacher sex.  It isn’t any of his business.  Just like his past sexual experience isn’t my business.

All that matters is how much fun we are having now.

And, we are having a blast fucking like bunnies. He is loving my tight teen pussy and I am loving his big meat stick. The sex is fucking incredible. His one buddy flew the plane while we had sex in the air.

It was such a rush to fuck in that plane. We fuck under the stars on the airfield too. Everywhere is an option with him. He is a daredevil and loves doing crazy things, including some wild parachute teacher sex.

He is into public sex as well. We went out to dinner with my friends and he took me to the bathroom where we were fucking in a stall. Every time someone came in to use the restroom, we would just fuck slower.

He is a total blast to hang out with!

Tonight he is feeling really daring so we are parking his pickup at a drive-in theatre and going to fuck in the back. Literally, while other cars and people are all around us.

I am super stoked to try it. He seems to think if we are quiet as we do it, it will be all good. I am into the kinky feel of fucking with all those people right there. He said we can use his sleeping bag too.

Well, we are here and have the back of his truck facing the big screen. We are surrounded by people and cars. He is sliding off my skirt up as they are passing the truck.

My pussy is so wet and ready for some parachute teacher sex in public.

He is sitting against the truck bed as I slide down on his cock. I start slowly grinding on his dick. It feels so good as he is playing with my tits. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a guy watching us and wanking off.

Hahaha…this is too good. We are just getting started too. Curious to know how far we went? Call me to find out and get some amazing Teen Phone Sex!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke