Hal is my dom and I adore him and our fun together. He owns an amazing bookstore. Of course, all of the college kids go to his store for their books. And, soon is hosting some Daddy Dom Sharing that is new for him and me.

I met him when I was looking for specific books for my classes. He and I have a connection like no other. The right men can always sense I am submissive to their dominant.

When you meet Hal at his store, you have no clue of the guy he is in our dungeon. Daddy Dom loves to punish his hot coed submissive for all my bad behavior.

Now, he is inviting others over to do the same with his daddy dom sharing.

Daddy joined some groups with like-minded men. In doing that, he has found some kindred souls into punishing barely legal hotties. And, it turns out, not everyone is as lucky as him to have their own full-time sub.

Hal is the nicest man I know. Of course, as I said, he is different in the dungeon. As he is meeting these guys, he is feeling the need to have them over for some fun with us in the dungeon.

Hence, the daddy dom sharing is born. He feels good helping his kindred friends and I have no choice in the matter as his submissive. Of course, the more spankings I get, the wetter my tight young pussy will be.

Honestly, it will be interesting to see their different styles in how they handle me.

Because Hal has a strong bond with me, he is more of a caring daddy. Sure, he loves punishing me and then using me for his pleasures. However, he also loves that I am getting wet and ready too.

The fact that his punishment is a turn-on for me, gets his dick hard. Now, if he is having a bad day, he isn’t going to hesitate to pound my fine ass with a paddle.

Of course, the daddy dom sharing time may bring some meanies to our dungeon. These guys may be more hardcore than Hal and into much more intense pain giving.

Daddy dom told me he won’t allow anything I am uncomfortable with.

It is our dungeon and his place, however, they must follow the rules he and I have currently in place. Pain and punishment are fine but stopping when I ask is imperative to play with us.

It is exciting that I am getting new submissive dungeon adventures with our guests. Hal and I have amazing fun down there and I don’t want that to change in any way.

This daddy dom sharing will be wild. Getting some stranger dick, while he is watching and then, punishing me for it, will be fun. In fact, just discussing it with you right now is getting me dripping wet.

Strangers coming for daddy dom sharing time, crazy fun.

This is going to top my list for freaky things I am trying. Of course, I am loving being a bad girl for Hal. The way his hand rubs my tight young ass just before spanking me.

Then, when the palm of his hand is connecting with my soft ass cheek, it is pure heaven. And, I start getting wet immediately. Of course, I can feel his cock rising under my legs.

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