Hal is such a fantastic man and an amazing dominant to my submissive. He is taking me on a tropical trip to Aruba! My own private daddy dom vacation and I am so ready for the fun!

Of course, I am sure he will have surprises for me while we are there. He is always doing things like that. In fact, it keeps our relationship fresh and exciting.

Additionally, it shows how much he cares for his barely legal submissive. And, care for me he does. Hal is an amazing dom and loves punishing me for my naughty behavior.

This private daddy dom vacation will include punishment and rewards.

It will be our first vacation on our own. He took me on an amazing daddy dom long weekend before. It had been some time since we had been alone. So, we spent a long weekend in the dungeon together!

However, he is wanting to spend more time with me on our trip. Not just a long weekend but weeks together. There in Aruba, he has other plans for our fun. Of course, I am going to love every minute of it!

Moreover, turns out this private daddy dom vacation includes some fun at a friend’s estate. And, the estate has an elaborate BDSM playroom. Therefore, allowing Hal to experiment with new toys and equipment on me.

Along with that, the staff at the estate are well trained to assist the master!

Not only are we getting to have dirty fun at the estate, but it is also where we are staying the entire trip. A private beach, private staff, multiple pools, and much, much more for us.

Honestly, I have not idea who owns this place. There aren’t any pictures to give it away. The staff is extremely polite, private, and great at being there to serve us. We are just arriving this morning and they are so wonderful.

Our private daddy dom vacation is going to be outstanding! Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that every member of the staff is gorgeous. Everyone is barely legal and smoking hot!

Hal’s cock is standing at attention and my pussy is so wet checking from them out.

We start with some time on the beach. It is so peaceful and relaxing. They bring us drinks and put sunscreen on our bodies. When Hal commands the male servant to please me he goes down on me.

He is so sexy as he gets between my legs and slides my bikini bottoms aside. My bare pussy is welcoming as he uses his fingers and tongue. Wow, his skills are amazing and he has me cumming in no time!

The private daddy dom vacation definitely has fantastic perks! As I open my eyes, I see a beautiful lady sucking Hal’s dick and swallowing his load. He turns and winks at me.

Well, I guess we will not be alone on this private daddy dom vacation trip, and I am loving it!

After dinner, two tall, sexy male servants lead us to the playroom. It is unbelievable. They strip down and then, come over and undress me. A female servant comes in and undresses Hal.

The three servants tie me to a bed and start using soft fringe whips on my body as Hal strokes his cock watching them. Then, the whipping gets harder and my nipples are standing at attention.

This private daddy dom vacation is just starting and I am dripping wet already. Hall tells the girl to suck my nipples as the men whip both of us. Then, he takes his cock and starts whipping my face with it.

His balls are so full of cum!

Then, he tells me to get ready to swallow his load and shoves his rock-hard rod down my throat! The girl is biting on my nipples now as the men continue whipping my body.

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