Hal is my first dom. I adore him and love the fun we have together. It isn’t on purpose but I have been seeing a lot of other people lately. So, he is claiming me back for seventy-two hours with a daddy dom long weekend!

Honestly, I miss our fun and submissive dungeon adventures. At first, I was a naive Mormon girl and now, I am so different. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for our fun.

One thing is for sure, we are spending our entire weekend in that amazing dungeon of his. He created it just for me. Since then, it is seeing action from others but now it will be just us.

I am so excited for our daddy dom long weekend!

Hal is far from your average dom. On the outside, no one would know,  just like so many other dominants. He also owns and runs a popular bookstore in a college town.

He is open to sharing me with others, which not all doms do. And, it has been a fun journey for both of us doing that. A long journey of learning for me for sure.

This daddy dom long weekend for just the two of us will be a good thing. With other doms in the dungeon and my own female doms elsewhere, it has been some time since we were here alone.

I am grateful the school year is done for now.

School is out for summer but I am staying in town. No part of me wants to go back home. Spending the summer with my strict Mormon family is not my kind of summer vacation.

I can have so much more fun here. My roommate, Hilary, went home for a bit but she will be back at the end of the month. Of course, I have plenty of playmates and this daddy dom long weekend to keep me busy.

Hal is closing the store for the entire weekend we are together. He wants to make sure there are no interruptions to our fun. Of course, I love the idea of him all to myself or vise versa.

The big daddy dom long weekend is here and I walking on air!

I arrive and Hal escorts me down to the dungeon. He has added new restraints and much more. He has an entire wall of paddles and whips. Some are leather, others are wood, and some even have feathers.

He knows tickling sends me over the edge. The first thing I have to do is strip out of my street clothes. I am to remain naked the entire daddy dom long weekend. Oh, I am going to love this.

Then, his hand is itching for my sweet round ass to spank. He sits in his new throne chair and has me lay over his lap. Whack, the first hit comes in. It has been too long.

My pussy is immediately wet and I can feel Hal’s erection through his clothes.

He rubs his hand over my stinging ass after the spanking. Then, he slides his finger between my legs and into the slit of my dripping wet cunt. Taking his finger out, he pushes it into my mouth and I suck my juice off.

This daddy dom long weekend is going to be spectacular! And, we are just getting started! Curious to know all that happens?

Call me for some amazing taboo phone sex to find out!