Prison Sex

How many guys wonder about prison sex?  I have a friend who just had a pretty long stretch in the pen and he had some stories to tell.  Now, he is a rather large and muscular man, but that didn’t stop him from showing him dominance over the others.  Prison sex isn’t always about being gay, or even bi for that matter.  It sometimes just about letting the men know who is really in charge.  I have to admit, listening to his stories got me pretty turned on.  I hope they turn you on too.

His first day in was pretty easy.  It wasn’t his first rodeo and he already had some friends in some pretty prominent areas.  However, no one is safe based of who you know.  Its more about what you are willing to do.  They wanted him to break in another newbie who had spent the previous night crying like a baby in his cell.  They ordered him to fuck this skinny, lanky guy in the showers (clique I know).  At first he wasn’t really about it, but after some consideration, he decided it was better to do the fucking than to be fucked.

He followed this guy into the shower.

 The other guys knew what was about to go down so they cleared the way.  He said he started off pushing him against the wall and telling him he was about to become a bitch.  Bitch boy immediately started to cry and try to protest, but he was no match for a six foot four body builder.  With his face pressed against the shower wall, he felt his virgin ass get penetrated.  He let out screams, but no one cared.  When the ordeal was over, he was left on the floor with his asshole gaping and bleeding.  From that point on, he was owned.  If any of the guys in the group wanted his cock sucked or a warm hole to fuck, he was their guy.  There was no turning back now.

Do I think my friend is gay?  No.  I think he did what he needed to do to make it on the inside.  In fact, I think it is kind of hot that he was able to overpower another man in such a way.  Next time I hope to watch!

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