Tonight, my nerves were out of this world! Even though my friends told me I had nothing to worry about. Plus, they knew I had a wild kink for a primal hunt party. I’ve fantasized about it for years and just happened to open up about it in a silly truth or dare game. However, they are devout pagans, and they celebrate in many different ways to their gods. One of those ways is having orgies in your most natural state during full moons.

Luckily, one of those moons was tonight! A celebration for the gods would take place tonight, with a feast, bonfire, and primal hunt party. My friends were so incredibly excited to drag me to my first party like this. They had every intention of seeing how wild I could really get! So, we all pile in the car, booze in the back. After the 45-minute car ride out to the country, the trees started getting thicker. Everything was so dark, minus a couple of lights on the side of the dirt road. Looking like fairy lights guiding our way.

So many people were already gathered, dancing and drinking. Living their best lives!

Seeing everyone caused a huge smile to appear on my face. This already felt so natural, so… me! We scramble out of the car and immediately mingle with the guest. Some are over by the food chowing down, others laughing in their cliques. Plus, some are already getting fucked nice and hard on tables, benches, and even the grass. Gods, what I’d give to feel the grass on my naked skin at this primal hunt party! After a while of everyone conversing and getting tipsy. A man steps up on the truck of a tree. He calls out to everyone to calm down and listen.

“Soon, we will be lighting the effigy to our all mighty gods. You may throw in whatever offering to them as you please. Once everyone has given their offering, the hunt will begin. Does everyone know their roles? Are you prey, or are you a hunter?” People look around; some are confident in what they want, others contemplating. I knew I wanted to be their prey; I had to feel the wind on my skin as I was chased through those trees. Then he goes on to explain that if there is anyone we don’t want hunting us, we should speak to them and make our consent clear. Or, everyone will assume as prey, you are free game.

Looking around, there’s not a single man or woman at this primal hunt party; I wouldn’t want to take me down and fuck me!

Before I knew it, he was done explaining and jumped off his makeshift pedestal. He walked over to the effigy, torch in hand. Then said something to the gods before throwing it in and watching it alight. It went up in flames and smoked fast. People, already coming over and throwing in their offerings. I threw in a personal letter and a shot of alcohol.  Once everyone finished, the hunters lined up behind the prey. We were going to be given 5 minutes to run and try and hide. We lined up, then heard the shot of a gun.

The unexpected noise startled us all, and we took off into the woods, my clothes still on my back, but I knew it wouldn’t be too long. The 5 minutes went by so quickly, and I heard the pounding of multiple footsteps on me. I heard a woman yell out, “tackle her”! Soon, hands were on my hips, and I tripped onto the dirt. I felt their hands rip into my clothes until I was just in my panties.

The woman stripped naked and lowered her pussy on my face. She grabbed those panties and yanked them up, ripping them off. Then, his cock slammed into my pussy, causing me to scream into hers. I was a mess at the primal hunt party. The three of us got so intense together; weout came at the same time. Screaming into the night sky, making me feel like their hot Viking sex slave!

Mia Kinky Crew

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