As much as I may appear to just be a submissive slut, I always love taking care of a pretty panty princess, and being a sweet teen mommy to a little sissy boy. I just want to love you, dress you up, treat you like the beautiful little baby you are.

Recently a fun trip to the mall for lingerie for me turned into a shopping trip getting my little boy cute training bras and matching panties! I noticed him looking at the lacy bras with awe and jealousy as I held them up to my breasts, Mommy knew just what he wanted.

It was time to turn him into my sexy little pretty panty princess!

I brought him to the little girl’s section and saw his eyes light up at the assorted soft and colorful cotton undergarments. He went and grabbed his favorite ones, giggling and blushing with excitement when he found one he liked. It was time to go home and dress up my little doll! I got some extra hair bows and socks, I was going all out with my pretty panty princess. We rushed home and he was ready to be my sissy boy and get all dressed up.

I undressed his little body before having him slide on some pale pink panties with bows and a little pink training bra as well before the knee high socks went on and his hair got put in ribbons. I grabbed some of my lipstick and smeared it onto his delicate lips, he was looking like a proper sissy now! My pretty panty princess couldn’t help himself and his cock started to get hard when he how cute he looked in the mirror, and an idea came to mind.

Mommy was going to make him cum in those little panties of his!

I laid him down on the bed and started stroking his little sissy cock, feeling how excited he was in my hand to be all dolled up. I went down and started sucking on him, taking his whole cock in my mouth as he whimpered and moaned. As his moans got louder, I slid his panties to the side before sliding my fingers in his tight ass. I could feel myself get wetter when I heard how much he was enjoying himself! I pulled off right as he was ready to cum and let my pretty panty princess cream all over the insides of those sweet panties of his, making a mess.

This young mommy can’t wait for more fun with my little sissy boy. Next time I see him, I might take him to go shopping for a new outfit to show off in public, or get a group of friends that can all spoil him like the pretty panty princess he is and then teach him how to take cock like a good sissy boy, or show him how best to please Mommy. Either way, I know I’m excited for my journey with my little doll!

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