Girls like me love ice cream; mint chocolate chip in particular. I’ve discovered there are four things that I love even more than ice cream, however: ageplay daddy JOI and sissification! From sexy brat to innocent fuckdoll, this ageplay princess loves daddy/daughter roleplay so much that I’ll beg daddy for it! It’s also lots of fun telling men how to touch their cocks during JOI sessions. I can teach a new playmate all about sissification so you can dress and play princess with me.


If you’ve listened to our podcast: What The Sex with River, follow me on Twitter, or have visited my profile page, then you almost certainly know that I love ageplay. As a matter of fact, when she and I took the BDSM test for our first podcast, my results returned as 100% ageplayer! That wasn’t exactly shocking though. This ageplay princess loves JOI, sissification, and daddy/daughter playtime.

What is Ageplay Like With Me?

I usually start any ageplay with three simple questions:

  1. Age: How old am I?
  2. Experience: Am I an innocent little thing or am I a bit of a cock tease?
  3. Relationship: How do we know each other?

1. Age: How old am I?

The answers to these three questions really help me shape your experience. And I get to be so creative knowing how naughty (or innocent!) you’d like me to be. First, and most importantly, I like to know how old I am. All ages are fun to me so it’s totally up to you! I enjoy learning what feels good and exploring how

my body works. Other times, I focus entirely on tasting cum, so I don’t notice what you’re doing to my little body. At any age, I  spread nice and wide for you.

2. Experience: Am I innocent or a tease?

You’ll need to decide my level of experience for the second question. Age does not necessarily have a direct correlation to experience. Younger girls can be a lot more cock-hungry than shy older girls. It’s fun to play a soft, sweet girl who blushes at the thought of touching a man’s cock. I gasp and whine so much if I’m still a virgin when you push into me for the first time. I may even beg you to slow down or stop because it hurts! Alternatively, who doesn’t love an experienced little thing bouncing on your cock like the stripper she wants to grow up to be?

3. Relationship: How do we know each other?

Finally, how we know each other lends itself toward incest, daddy/daughter roleplay, or if we’re strangers. Some of the hottest roleplay I’ve ever done involves being picked up from a playground and dragged off into a stranger’s car. It’s equally as hot being taken downstairs by my friend’s dad so no one can hear my screaming. While they’re cutting birthday cake upstairs, he’s ripped off my pink dress, stretched my cunt over his thick cock, and filled me with cum.

Ageplay Daddy JOI Sissification


Daddy/Daughter Roleplays

My top tier roleplay, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is ageplay daddy/daughter roleplay. Sometimes I’m a brat who sneaks out of the house, demands money for going out with my friends or gets caught by the principal wearing slutty clothing at school. If you told me I needed to behave better, I’d say: “I’m not a naughty girl, daddy. I’m your good girl. The principal has no idea what he’s talking about. Now, isn’t there anything I can do to convince you to let me go out tonight with that $20 in your wallet? Of course, I can see how hard you are, daddy. If I was wearing panties under this skirt, they’d be soaked. May I taste that precum you have for me, daddy? Pleeeeeease?”

If I was wearing panties under this skirt, they’d be soaked. May I taste that precum you have for me, daddy? Pleeeeeease?

Ageplay & Sissification

I find that little princesses know best when it comes to sissification. Daddy may not have given me a sister yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make you into one through! I can teach you all about how to put on pretty sissy makeup, what kinds of pretty panties babygirls wear, and how to behave like a perfect little lady. It’s one thing to receive sissification instructions from an adult, quite another to receive them from a sweet thing like me in an ageplay situation. Sissies can be unwieldy of course, and knowing this, I may need to be a bit of a brat and put down a bit of punishment or say a harsh word or two. But that’s just so you’ll understand how important it is to get it right!

Ageplay & JOI

Ageplay daddy JOI is so much fun I can hardly stand it! I love telling daddy how to touch his special place while I look on with wide eyes. It helps me learn when I have willing JOI participants who want to hear from a baby girl: “Okay, now run your finger along the tip to the wetness. Would that taste good in my mouth if I kissed it? Rub your finger against it like it’s my little kitten tongue tasting it.” I may not know everything about everything, but I love exploring through ageplay daddy JOI (with strangers, too)!


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