Pregnant sex stories: I love pregnant women who masturbate

Being one of the Phone Sex Girls affords me so many opportunities to hear about the sexiest experiences and fantasies. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to someone who had the best pregnant sex stories.

I love pregnant women. There is something about their full round voluptuous breasts and bellies that turns me on. I have watched my fair share of pregnant porn. I once had a neighbor that was so pregnant. Her body turned me on so much that I searched the internet for pregnant sex stories and masturbated all day. That night she had her baby.

I felt so naughty knowing that I had so many orgasms that day thinking about her sexy pregnant body. I sort of felt like I had something to do with her going into labor. lol.

Back to the best phone sex yesterday. My phone lover told me that his sister in law is very pregnant. He came home from work, walked down the hall and as he was passing by the bedroom where she was staying, he saw her lying on the bed fingering her pussy.

Her fingers were deep inside her swollen wet pussy. Pregnant women can get so horny sometimes! She was fingering herself on the bed while he watched her. She didn’t know that he was watching. His cock got so hard. So he started to rub it inside his pants.

He really needed to cum because he had been horny all day!

He kept watching her. She took out a dildo and a vibrator. Her super pregnant boobs started to leak a little bit of milk. It was about to get really juicy. She fucked herself with a dildo until she seemed like she about to cum. She then turned on the vibrator and buzzed her clit. He could see her pussy start to quiver and contract. She licked the milk off her huge tits. Right after that, she started to moan so loud. Her pussy contracted so hard that the dildo flew out of her pregnant pussy hole.

He got so turned on that he blew his load in his pants. He wonders if she knew he was watching. Is that hot or what? Want to read another story about family members? Read here

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