Stepsister sex is so naughty when you sneak away to do it!

My family had one of our usual get-togethers. Usually, this consists of myself, my dad’s new wife, my dad, my brother, and my stepsister. Last time we got together at my Dad’s new house I noticed my brother and stepsister kinda flirting. I put it out of my mind because I don’t know her really well and maybe she was just being overly friendly. I wouldn’t put it past my brother though. He is an enormous flirt. I wouldn’t doubt that he would have stepsister sex.

It’s not like she’s our real sister. So, is stepsister sex really all that wrong? I like her. She’s a bit younger than me. I’m 25 and she’s 19. She’s smoking hot. She has long legs, tight ass, and perky tits.  She’s just out of high school and she still lives with my Dad and his new wife.

Anyway, back to the get-together. I was kinda ‘out of it’. I decided to have a glass of wine and relax on the couch. My stepsister came and sat down next to me. She had a weird look in her eye this night. I thought something was maybe wrong. Turns out she really wanted a sip of my wine. Whatever, she’s only 19 (barely legal), but I gave her some.

She started to get buzzed really fast. Talk about a lightweight. I regretted sharing. Like I said she’s super hot, but I don’t know her all that well. Then, she surprised me. She said, “Are you bisexual?”.Ok, now I think she might be flirting with me. It’s the way she said it.

She leaned in really close and licked her lips.

The whole time I can see my brother watching from across the room with a devious look in his eye. Wait, I thought, is that a bulge in his pants? He smiled, winked, and bit his lower lip. He must be drunk. I winked back at him.

My brother and I have secret signals. One of them is ‘the wink’. That means, meet me in the guest room. I walk my stepsister back to the guest room so she can show me the new bedspread. We lie down on the bed together with the door closed. She leans over and kisses me. I think to myself, ‘Am I going to have stepsister sex?”.

The next thing I know, my brother opens the door.

What happened next is out of this world.

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