Pregnant Sex Stories: Lesbian Sex With A Pregnant Couple!

Dear Perverts, I know that some of you get rock hard dreaming of getting me pregnant; shooting your seed deep inside me and making a baby with me. Watching my belly grow makes you want to drive your cock deeper inside me. Pregnant sex stories are so hot! Nothing like a sexy woman with a big belly and tits bursting with milk! I love watching a big hard cock fuck a pregnant pussy!
The only pregnant sex stories I knew about were men with pregnant women. Turns out, women can get turned on by pregnant sex stories too! But I didn’t really know exactly how hot it could be until I fucked around with my friends Nadia and Jeff. Nadia has always been super sexy, now she is 8 months pregnant and bursting in all the right places. Let me tell you what happened!


I was at a dinner party at Nadia and Jeff’s house a couple weekends ago.


Nadia can’t enjoy getting tipsy right now, but man she can eat for two. I’m not always attracted to women, but something about all of her curves and watching her devour all that food was getting me turned on. It surprised me. After dinner, as guests started leaving I decided to stay to help clean up. This couple has always been good friends of mine, but something about Nadia had me totally turned on. I couldn’t help the magnetism I felt toward her and I just wanted to stay in it as long as I could.


So I stood in the kitchen, helping Jeff with the dishes and I subtly inferred that Nadia’s appetite was turning me on.


“I guess I’ve never seen such a hot woman eat for two,” I said, “Do you think it’s sexy the way she eats like that, or am I being weird and perverted?”

“Well, I’ll tell you something,” Jeff leans over to me and whispers, “she’s definitely fucking for two right now, too.”


“She wants to go for hours. Every day and every night. She keeps me up late every night, then I wake up and she wants to fuck. I go to work exhausted, then she calls me on my lunch break wanting me to come home and fuck her again!”

“Whoa,” I say, wide-eyed.

“She’s a fucking animal, Justice. I can’t keep up.”


Nadia turns the corner and stands in the doorway. I smile at her and let my eyes travel down those full tits and that big belly, thinking about what Jeff just said.


I start to get the idea that maybe Jeff wouldn’t mind a little break from his husbandly duties. Then I walk up to Nadia and start rubbing her shoulders.

“How are you feeling, mommy?” I purr at her, burying my face in her neck, “can I get you anything, sexy?” Jeff looks at me horrified like I’m holding a match in front of a gas tank.

Nadia gasps and whimpers a little as I press my body up against hers. “Did you see me staring at your tits during dinner? They look like they could explode.” Jeff is just leaning against the counter with his mouth hanging open. “Hey, that’s my super horny, pregnant wife!” he says half joking, half nervous.

“I know Jeff, I just want to see these big, bouncy titties,”  and I reach around and pull the top of her dress down slightly. “Oh my fucking god,” I say, walking around to face her, “make me a milkshake with these things!” I wrap my hands around both of them, gently, feeling how full and swollen they feel. Nadia’s looking at me, smiling and giggling and she reaches out and strokes my hair. “Do you want me to be your mommy?” she asks me, her lips parting into an evil smile. I look back at Jeff. He’s resigned, still leaning on the counter, with a very visible erection.

“Nadia, let me be your baby,” I say, “why don’t you feed me with those juicy tits?”


Nadia pulls the top of her dress down and lets both of her tits free.


She holds me by the back of the head as I circle her nipples with my tongue. She puts her hand under her nipple and squirts a stream of milk into my mouth. I wrap my lips around her nipple, sucking on her, relieving that swollen pressure and she starts gasping and moaning loudly. I reach back and grab her plump ass and start squeezing handfuls with both of my hands. Nadia pulls my mouth from her tit and kisses me, passionately.

I’m craning my neck to reach her over her big, pregnant belly. “Jesus fucking Christ, Nadia, you are so fucking hot right now,” my hands follow all the curves of her body, “I want to fuck the shit out of you right fucking now”. I hear Jeff moan in the background and I look back at him and he has his cock out of his pants and he is stroking it. “Go on,” he says, “go to the bedroom.”


Nadia kneels on the bed and I come up behind her, kissing her lips and squeezing her tits, making milk squirt down her body.


I start kissing down her body, down to that lovely ass, and she leans forward, presenting herself to me. I put my face between her legs and I start licking her pussy, feeling and tasting how incredibly juicy she is and she’s bucking her hips against my face. “Wish I had a cock,” I say to her, “I want to fuck this juicy pussy so badly.” I stick two of my fingers inside her and taste her juice from my fingers. Nadia is hungrily sucking Jeff’s cock and he looks at me and says, “there’s a big dildo in the drawer you can fuck her and yourself with.”

I open the drawer and I see a glorious, 14-inch double ended dildo. I take it from the drawer and join Nadia in sucking Jeff’s nice, thick cock. We work his cock until he explodes cum all over my tits. Nadia eagerly licks Jeff’s cream off of me and says, “I’m not done with you yet. Not even close”


She pushes me down on the bed and starts fucking my pussy with the dildo, face down, licking my clit.


Then she leans back, puts the other end in her pussy and starts grinding her juicy, pregnant pussy into me. I feel her big, swollen clit rubbing up against mine. I reach up and squeeze her milky tits, watching them squirt. We’re both leaned back slightly, fucking the shit out of each other. I want to see and feel her squirt all over me, I start fucking her harder, rubbing my clit directly against hers. She grabs me by the back of the neck and starts fucking me back. I can tell I’m going to squirt too. She starts talking dirty to me, saying, “make me fucking cum, Justice, make this pussy squirt all over you…Cum for mommy…you love this pregnant pussy…” and it sends me over the edge.

I cum hard, my body convulsing and the juice starts pouring from my pussy, squirting around that fat dildo. I keep fucking her until she cums, heavier, creamier juice squirting out of her end as our pussies are smashed together. The rest of the night, Nadia and I fooled around and fucked in the guest room while Jeff slept through it all.


That was my first time fucking a pregnant woman, but now I know it won’t be my last. Soon enough, I think I’ll have even more pregnant sex stories to share.


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