Most of my lesbian sex stories are about the same type of woman.

You know the type – the one that is so sexy that even the straight girls get weak around her and will do whatever she says. I can always tell when these types like pussy, too. Guys don’t very often ask me if I like other women and I don’t know if it’s because they don’t care or they just assume that I do. Dear perverts, you know how crazy I am about cock. But, since you never ask, I’ll tell you something else. I also love pussy. In particular the sweet, perfect pussy of my girlfriend, Lydia. If you love lesbian sex and lesbian sex stories, keep reading. 


Lydia and I met because our boyfriends live together.

My first memory of Lydia is actually listening to her scream loudly for hours as she was getting fucked by my boyfriend’s roommate and not being able to sleep. She is incredible looking; tall, slender, blonde hair, perfect tits…and she is extremely loud in bed. My boyfriend finds her obnoxious because outside of screaming bloody murder in the sack, she’s cold and bitchy. I recognize the ice queen facade of a fully liberated slut living in the midwest. She also recognized it in me. So we started talking.

The thing that really anchored my attraction to Lydia was that she is a complete bitch, but we made each other laugh which made her even sexier to me.

All the other guy’s girlfriends hate her because she is sexual and confident and threatening. I liked that about her. Instead of arousing jealousy in me, I was forgetting my boyfriend existed. We flirted a lot. We were a very dangerous pair, attracting a lot of attention at the bar, getting too drunk and causing a scene with the power of our raw attraction to each other. It was uncontrollable, and our boyfriends don’t even try. They just look on resentfully as we bask in our explosive chemistry.


One night, after some hard partying, we retired to our boyfriend’s bedrooms to fuck them.

It had been a crazy night, maybe they were both mad at us. I remember Lydia started moaning loudly, and the headboard slamming violently against the wall and my boyfriend grabbing me by the arms and fucking me just as violently. Lydia and I both getting fucked hard by our boyfriends at the same time, screaming in unison, echoing into the hallway…I realized she was all I was thinking about. All I wanted was to be there, watching her, making her scream like that. I wanted to be the one to make her really cum.

No more of these fake toy orgasms she was pretending to have with her jackhammering boyfriend. A real, deep, creamy orgasm. Just for me. The image was so vivid in my mind that I came, presumably for my boyfriend, but really all for Lydia.


After that fuck fest, the boys went outside to smoke and have another beer.

Only in panties, I tiptoed out of the room and knocked on Lydia’s door. She was sitting in the window, completely naked, smoking a cigarette. She looked at me and said, “you can come in”. So I did. I walked over to her and I put my fingers to my lips and said: “try to be quiet.” Quickly, I got down on my knees and started licking up her thigh, kissing and biting my way up to her perfect pussy. I reached up to grab her tits and she put my fingers in her mouth and she moaned softly. Needing to be swift, I teased her pussy slit lightly at first.

I could taste her residual wetness mixing with her juices that were all mine. So I rolled my tongue around her clit, finding her sweet spot. Looking up at her I said, “I want to be the one to make you cum tonight” and she said, “Make me fucking cum, Justice. I’ve been waiting for this.” I start licking her clit faster up and down. She’s grinding her pussy into my mouth and I become greedier and more determined with the way I’m licking and sucking her clit. She starts moaning louder and grabs my hand and guides me to put my fingers inside her. I slide my fingers inside her pussy and start rubbing her g-spot hard.


She’s losing control, about to start up with the sexual operatics and I look up and shake my head quickly, not breaking my stroke.

I stick my fingers back in her mouth, covering her mouth, reminding her to be quiet. Our boyfriends are not the kind of guys who would be happy to catch us fucking. But that doesn’t mean anything to me or Lydia as we’re fucking. I’m determined to get her to cum for me and she’s holding me by the side of my face, fucking me back, trying so hard not to scream. I feel her pull me in from the back of my neck and buck her hips wildly, whispering, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, Justice! Oh fuck…” and I feel her body tense up as her pussy contracts around my fingers as her cum runs down my hand.

I feel her relax, and I slow down, savoring her. Slowly, I pull my soaked hand out of her pussy and put her cum on my tongue and I finally kiss her deeply and desperately.


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