My friends sometimes share their pregnant sex stories with me.

The last girls night at my place somehow turned into “everybody tell their raunchiest pregnant sex stories” night! I have never been pregnant, and generally am not the settling down type. But I do like to listen to my girlfriends’ naughty adult chat.

Since my specialty is fetish phone sex, my ears tend to perk up when someone’s about to spill their tawdriest beans. My friend Alana is 6 months pregnant and her belly is HUGE. As we all took turns rubbing her round, firm baby bump I asked if it was true she felt horniest in the second trimester. She giggled and nodded.

“Brian and I have been having sex every day,” she told us, grinning. “Now that my belly is getting so big, it works best if I’m on top in reverse cowgirl. Otherwise, his cock just comes right out.” We were all stunned since we all knew Brian had a GIANT dick. Every time we went swimming together it bulged under his trunks like an elephant trunk. I’ll admit, the way it dangles between his legs like a GMO-inspired mutant sausage makes it hard for a girl to look away!

The more pregnant she got, the hornier she felt!

In my “real” life, I actually have zero desire to get pregnant. But in my fantasy world with you during our call, I need you to keep me knocked up! I want to feel your hands caress my growing curves. I like how much my pregnancy turns you on. And I really like feeling my own libido grow with the baby inside me.

How would you fuck me if I was pregnant? Would we have public sex? Stay at home and get freaky all over the house, all day every day? I’d like you to pass me around to all your friends so you can watch big belly get covered in cum! Call me and tell me the pregnant sex stories that get YOU hot and bothered.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke