Summer’s officially here — and so is my annual craving for public sex.

Thinking about (semi, specifically) public sex gets me all hot and bothered. “Outdoorsy” is usually the last thing I’d consider myself, but something about taking a hike and finding a secluded spot for secret naughty fun really appeals to me. It’s less about the nature-y stuff, more about the sexy stuff. Know what I mean?

My real, true public sex fantasy doesn’t take place on stage or in front of an audience. I’m already enough of an exhibitionist. What excites me most is fucking somewhere we’re not supposed to. We might be caught. We’re accomplices, in a way. And I need you inside me, now. I want to pull you in as deep as I can, then deeper, with our clothes only half way off.

The last time I had sex in the woods was during high school. My boyfriend was older and our M.O. together was to stoke the flames of each other’s rule-breaking, thrill-seeking tendencies. Or “stroke,” rather. Little did I know our afternoon romp that day, taken on a whim, would give me so many things to say during phone sex all these years later!

It was about ten years ago and I don’t remember every detail, but I do remember the feeling of laying underneath him once we’d made a little clearing in some trees off the main path. I remember feeling so turned on knowing I was doing something so dirty. And we did get dirty.

I remember brushing dirt, twigs, and leaves off our naked (and eventually very sweaty) thighs, asses, stomachs.

So in other words, I’m overdue for an exxxploration of the “great outdoors.” I want to lose my way in the woods with you. Although we’ll both know exactly where we’re going, of course.

For me, the best phone sex cums from both of us being honest about our real sexual desires.