Every slave needs a sexy pregnant mistress.

Eric hadn’t been allowed to cum in weeks but today was finally the day. My tight little body was ovulating and desperate to be used. I smiled at him as I unlocked his chastity cage to let his swollen cock out. “You’re going to love serving a pregnant mistress, aren’t you, slut? Your secret little fetish...cum true” I purred as Eric eagerly nodded, slipping his hand up my thighs. I could see his member already growing as I tied him down and climbed onto the bed straddling him.

My natural urges began to slip in and I could feel my pussy dripping onto my fuck toy. He moaned as I dragged my long nails down his chest and started to stroke him. I loved feeling him thrust into my hand as he gripped his restraints. I slipped his swollen tip inside me and couldn’t believe how good my little slut felt inside me. My body was taking him in a new way of passion. I taunted him by squatting over him and making him thrust as hard as he could to fuck me.

Fill me, slut.

My small hand slipped around his pathetic throat as I slammed down on his shaft. I forced him to open his mouth as I slipped a finger in and held it open. “I want every drop of your cum inside me, bitch. You’re going to make me your pregnant mistress tonight.” I rode his cock hard and fast, taking every inch inside me as he met my pace. My thighs were shaking as I took my pathetic sub deeper and deeper making me cum hard. Eric pumped load after thick creamy load deep inside my womb impregnating me. I leaned down, slapped his pretty little face and kissed him before leaving him tied to the bed for the night.

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