Do you ever smile and say hello to a pregnant woman?

Maybe there is this beautiful Pregnant girl you see all the time: walking for her exercise. She is looking bright-eyed, young and sporty with nice full breasts and baby bump tight against her top. Her hair is pulled up in a ponytail. Oh, I can see that little scenario and I bet it drives you crazy doesn’t it? I can just imagine what erotic thoughts cross your mind when you see her

She has no idea how hot she is, but YOU sure do! You want to tell her how beautiful and sexy she is. But why do you hesitate? You don’t realize how much we need to hear that! If you only knew how good it makes us feel to be complimented by total strangers. Someone telling us we are attractive can turn into something so much more erotic: if you would only take the chance.

Just come up and say hello the next time you see one of us. That’s not wrong! Compliment us and make conversation. We are just waiting for the right moment. A simple hello can lead to a pregnant girl’s bed. I know that from experience! Flattery from a man in a public place and me pregnant and raging with hormones makes all the difference. You may not realize it but believe me; we want sex all the time!

Think of the last pregnant girl you saw out in public. Remember how adorable she was and how excited she got you? Remember the fantasy you had about her? Let that girl be me. Let me be that pregnant hottie you were so desperate to fuck tonight.

I want to be that pregnant MILF you can’t live without! Call me for some Hot Phone Sex!