Do you have a pregnancy fetish?

I can tell the way that you look me up and down that you have a pregnancy fetish. You’re picturing my breasts getting larger and swollen with milk and my flat stomach growing round with your baby. It makes it even more taboo that I’m your mother and you want me to be the mother of your child. You might think that I haven’t noticed you spying on me and jerking off but I have. You’re such a naughty boy but mommy has to admit that it is kind of hot to think about. This is one incest sex story that will make you explode.

Of course, you’re going to have to get to work if you want to make your pregnancy fetish a reality. Put mommy’s dirty panties down and take my hand. It’s time for you to become a man and get what you’ve been jerking off to and craving for years now. Take those clothes off and show mommy how you’ve grown. Such a big hard cock, slide it into my mouth so I can take a taste. I want you to be rock hard and oozing precum so that baby batter will be even more potent when we have sex. Once you’re throbbing and pulsating I’ll lay back for you and spread my thighs.

Climb on top of mommy and rub that hard dick up and down my dripping wet slit. Slowly start to thrust it inside of me. Enjoy the feel of my tight pussy squeezing tight around your cock and pulling you deep inside of me. You love the feel of my big titties bouncing against you don’t you baby? Just imagine how much bigger my tits will be when they’re filled up with milk. I bet you’ll enjoy suckling breast milk from them just as much as the new baby will. I’m going to put my legs up on your shoulders so you can blast that baby batter deep inside of me. Knock mommy up, baby.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke